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Imagined conversation 94: Our birthday boy

on January 6, 2022

Me: Well, 28 years and one day ago, our Ming arrived and it was the very best day of my life.

Anthony: I thought the best day of your life was our wedding.

Me: Sorry, Ants, but Ming sort of eclipsed that.

Anthony: But…

Me: Only slightly. Do you remember it?

Anthony: Remember what?

Me: Ming’s birth.

Anthony: Yes, 1am. I was exhausted!

Me: Yes, and you left me alone in my bliss?

Anthony: I had to milk the cows, Jules! Are you okay? I sense an impending argument.

Me: I’m fine, Ants, but picture this: a new mother with a newborn boy who began to shriek as soon as you left.

Anthony: You’ve never told me that before; did he miss me already?

Me: That’s actually not the point, Ants.

Anthony: So this IS an argument? I’m lost.

Me: I was in labor for nearly 40 hours, and, yes, you were there for most of that hell but, once Ming emerged, like one of those champagne corks that just won’t pop out without force, you exclaimed ‘It’s a boy!’ And then you were gone!

Anthony: A girl would have been fine, Jules! Remember, we were going to call her Jean-Meg, after our mothers.

Me: Are you deliberately missing the point, Ants, or has Heaven made you stupid?

Anthony: As soon as I finished milking, I came straight back to the hospital to see him and….

Me: And me?

Anthony: The mother of my son – yes, of course!

Me: But what about me, myself?

Anthony: Ahh, I see where this is going…

Me: Do you? I don’t.

Anthony: Jules, I was in love with you from the very first moment we met, when you were a teenage hippie.

Me: I was never a hippie; I just didn’t have a sense of fashion.

Anthony: I’m sorry it took me so many years to admit it.

Me: Admit what?

Anthony: That I loved you.

Me: For years you said that but then you always also said that you weren’t in love with me.

Anthony: I was lying.

Me: Why?

Anthony: You were 18 and I was 41, Jules; it was impossible!

Me: It’s weird to me that you are using exclamation marks; anyway, I thought we were talking about Ming’s birthday.

Anthony: I hope he knows and remembers how much I adored him; how much he means to me right now; at every single ‘right now’ he encounters, I want to be by his side.

Me: In a heavenly way, you mean?

Anthony: Well, it’s better than nothing, Jules!

Me: There are parts of this conversation that I would like to continue at a later date, Ants. Is that okay?

Anthony: Please tell Ming happy birthday and that I wish I were there.

Me: He already knows; our birthday boy/man already knows.

4 responses to “Imagined conversation 94: Our birthday boy

  1. beth says:

    happy birthday to ming, he is clearly loved by both of you

  2. I love the way you are writing your story now. I feel so drawn into the conversation, yet respectful of my position as an outsider looking in. With your permission, and seeing only as much as you choose to reveal each chapter. I love short chapters. Especially the ones that edge me on to read the next one.

  3. This gave me a giggle

  4. Humorous conversation, avoiding argument.

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