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Imagined conversation 97: My birthday

on January 14, 2022

Anthony: Yes, I know, I know.

Me: What?

Anthony: It’s your birthday tomorrow, you’re afraid I won’t get you a significant present, and you miss me?

Me: Sort of. Look, Ants, you have already given me enough silver bangles over the years, and I love them, but would it be okay if you gave me something totally different this year?

Anthony: Of course, Jules! I’m sorry you don’t like my taste in silver bangles.

Me: May I remind you, Ants, that even before you got so ill, you always sent me off to choose and buy my own silver bangles?

Anthony: Yes but it was my money.

Me: Don’t you mean our money?

Anthony: You are becoming more and more argumentative as you age, Jules.

Me: Now that was below the belt! What do you mean as I age? I’m only a few years older than you were when we got married!

Anthony: I think we should refocus the discussion on your birthday present. What would you like? Your wish is my desire.

Me: Silk sheets.

Anthony: I beg your pardon?

Me: I just love the feel of silk…

Anthony: Don’t go any further or I might swoon.

Me: Do men swoon? How strange. So is that a ‘yes’?

Anthony: No, yes.

Me: Yes, no?

Anthony: I’ll let you know tomorrow when it actually is your birthday.

Me: Yeah, well I’m going to get the silk sheets anyway, so….

Anthony: God is watching you, girl, so be careful.

7 responses to “Imagined conversation 97: My birthday

  1. Moia says:

    Hopefully you got the sheets

  2. Well it’s your birthday and you should have what you like,silk sheets are not for me.

  3. tootlepedal says:

    Silk sheets sound like the perfect present. I am sure that Anthony will agree.

  4. Happy Birthday, hope you got the silk sheets.

    I can’t help feel (read) a kind of rebellion/annoyance in your recent conversations with Ant. It’s as though writing this is making you see things slightly differently. I hope it’s helping you. x

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