wings and things


Anthony: I’m in constant pain.

Me: What? Since when? Where is the pain? Oh my God, I’m so sorry, Ants – you never told me this before!

Anthony: Oh, these things (stretching his arms out), and these other instruments (stretching his legs out in a rather swaggery way).

Me: What kind of pain is it?

Anthony: Agony.

Me: Well why the hell didn’t you tell me this before? I’ll ring the doctor! For God’s sake, Ants, I’ve been telling everyone for ages now that the best thing about your situation is that you are not in physical pain, and now you tell me this!

Anthony: Um… (beginning to do his half-smile)….

Me: So you are kidding? Joking?

Anthony: Just stirring you up, Jules

Me: You want pain? I’ll give you pain! (We have an arm wrestle on the side of his armchair and I win.)

He is so tired that his eyes weep; my laughter is raucous and I apologize but he says he loves my cackle; I leave to come home and he says, unsadly, see you tomorrow.

If Anthony were in physical pain, we would not be able to cope the way we are coping now.

And if Anthony didn’t have his mischievous sense of humor, everything would be horrible. Okay, so everything isn’t wonderful but it is definitely not horrible with Ants in the picture.

(I have learned how to make chili hot chocolate, which Anthony loves, so I might put an extra chili into the mix tomorrow – ha!)