wings and things


When I got an email from doudou (my blog friend), I went to her blog and saw this! I’m a bit emotional at the moment so I cried and laughed at the same time.

Thank you so much, doudou, for upside-downing my frown into a great big grin.



I’ve always been more attracted to words than to art, so my visual abilities are a bit limited; Husband calls it ‘tunnel vision.’

So for me to find something so beautiful and intriguing, that it doesn’t require words, is a bit of a hard task. It’s as if I need to be struck. Well I have been struck! I’ve been struck by doudou’s entrancing work:

These tiny bird sculptures are so fantastic. Look at the expression on this bird’s face!

It isn’t just doudou’s sculptures that compel me; it’s also her concern for the many members of the animal kingdom that we humans exploit, abuse or simply take for granted. Her blog is just as compelling as her art.

Oh yeah, and she’s sculpting me an emu – or two!