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on April 24, 2013

When I got an email from doudou (my blog friend), I went to her blog and saw this! I’m a bit emotional at the moment so I cried and laughed at the same time.

Thank you so much, doudou, for upside-downing my frown into a great big grin.

37 responses to “Grateful

  1. Isn’t doudou wonderful and Tina Turner lives on!

  2. Fabulous!! Love that picture!!

  3. Hugs Julie — and love the picture of Tina Turner.

  4. mrsbauthor says:

    Amazing. Very thoughtful of your friend! 🙂

  5. lucewriter says:

    How wonderful is that! What a lovely picture!

  6. Kozo says:

    What a wonderful gift–the gift of tears and laughter. {{{hugs}}} Kozo

  7. dcwisdom says:

    What a really wonderful thing to do! Maybe she will send you a copy to hang in your kitchen, eh? There are blessings in sufferings. God bless you today. Sending you BIG Texas love across the waves…

  8. Trisha says:

    That made me tear up! I love that she painted Tina Turner for you.

  9. Great picture. I am glad that it cheered your day.

  10. Rhonda says:

    she’s a star.

  11. prayingforoneday says:

    Great Picture 🙂

    I hope you are having a decent a time as you can.
    I know I don’t post much.I had SEVERE E-mail issues, I was getting 1,000 a day, Now I am not, so I get emails from the people I want to interact with.

    Stay well..

    Shaun x

  12. Ha! I’d forgotten about Tina Turner! She’s an awesome artist!

  13. terry1954 says:

    that is an adorable chicken!!!!

  14. viveka says:

    Love it …. what a fantastic gift. *smile …

  15. What a nice ‘feathered’ friend.

  16. Love the ode to Tina! Glad it made you smile.

  17. fgassette says:

    Wonderful drawing. Glad it lifted your spirit.


  18. Went looked and it is bloody pretty……………

  19. Judith Post says:

    Tina is my kind of chicken! Awesome!

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