wings and things


This is of one of the white peacocks standing poised on an old water tank stand, on the brink of flying to a place of rest and quiet for the night.

I just went in to the hospital to visit Husband who is poised, on the brink of admission to a nursing home and the most beautiful thing is that he is fine about this. He is happy, not yearning for home like I thought he would and the relief I feel is like a waterfall gone mad!


Smell the roses, peck the dust, fly through the window

This is an interlude-ish post because, as a newcomer to blogging, I feel a little stupid, a little ‘unwise’, a little frantic.

Sometimes the wild birds around here – wrens, pigeons, doves, crows, kookaburras, willywagtails, butcher birds – crash into our windows, fall to the ground, then pick themselves up and fly into the closest tree.

I have never forgotten how a kookaburra flew through a window into the kitchen, then out the back door. The window, by the way, was closed, and the impact shattered it.  I remember screaming with shock and fright and the poor kookaburra must have been terrified until it made its escape.

Too-muchness is what happens when you are over-engulfed with feelings, thoughts and words that might be better kept to yourself. The realm of the blog, however, allows you to indulge yourself because, to some extent, you have a captive audience.

WordPress is amazing, but it is also a bit incestuous; i.e, you like my blog, I like yours and vice versa. I have only clicked ‘like’ when I have liked and I have only commented when I wanted to. The statistical information has been gratifying but also confusing and probably misleading; certainly it is distracting!

This is my third post for today which, apparently, is not the done thing, but I cannot seem to stop writing, having written nothing substantial for many years. I have taken the advice of more experienced bloggers and decided to just post one story per day from now on – well, maybe two!