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Nose-blowing noise attracts nosy peacocks

Lately the peacocks have begun congregating outside my office and staring curiously at me through the flyscreen door. They’ve never done this before. They used to come to the back veranda door in the hope of bread but I stopped doing that ages ago when their poop began to replace the pavement.

Today I realized that their staring-at-me-through-the flyscreen-door-behaviour was due to my hayfever and the noise I make when I blow my nose. It almost exactly resembles their loud hoot-honking noise. They must think I’m calling them! Of course Gutsy9 is the first one to come running.

pea 551


Nose aerobics

Every morning for the last week, I have been doing an average of two hours of nose aerobics. My nose is so keen, it wakes me up early sometimes.

The exercise routine never varies: 50 sneezes, half a box of tissues, a dose of antihistamines, 50 more sneezes, the remaining tissues, another dose of antihistamines until, eventually, my nose begins to relax.

As a result, my nose is now twice the size it was last week due to increased musculature.

Oh how I loathe summer hayfever!