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Facebook friendships

Over the last few months I have become Facebook friends with many of the staff at the nursing home where Anthony lives. Some of the staff have ‘friended’ me and I, too, have actively ‘friended’ others. This means that my blog (which automatically connects to my Facebook) is accessible to the very people who look after Anthony.

This is a little bit scary because I feel like I’ve made myself vulnerable. On the other hand, it is the most wonderful thing to be able to connect with these fantastic carers outside the context of the nursing home. The Facebook connection is virtual, yes, but also very real because I see many of these beautiful people every week and sometimes every day!

I didn’t deliberately plan these Facebook connections; it just kind of evolved and now I feel enthused to connect with as many staff at the nursing home as I can. I want to thank them personally; I want to acknowledge their amazingness; I want to know about their lives, their woes and joys.

I want to hug them back. So, to the staff at Anthony’s nursing home (yes, he thinks he owns it), many many many thanks! I think we can use Facebook to communicate.



Everything else about today pales into insignificance compared to the hugs. I hugged Anthony when he was standing up and he let go of the walker and hugged me back. Then I hugged him while we were tackling his lunch and he pushed the food away and hugged me back. Then, as I was about to leave, I knelt down on the floor in front of his chair to kiss him goodbye and he enfolded me in his arms and gave me a bearhug. He brought my face into the hollow of his shoulder, kissed my hair, held me ferociously and whispered, “Jules, I love you so much.”

Usually the wasted muscles in his arms make hugging difficult, but not today! I am home now and can still feel that goodbye hug and I am trying very hard not to cry.


Love story 106 – Hugging and kissing

I went into the nursing lodge this afternoon armed with red wine. Don’t get me wrong here; I am just attempting to emulate the arvo drinks we used to have – that pre-dinner ritual. Obviously Anthony can’t have more than a tiny glassful and I just have a light beer. We made friends with a new resident whose son and daughter-in-law were visiting and gave them what was left of our bottle of brandy (I fetched it from Anthony’s room). It was fun – sort of. A couple of the nurses were hilariously encouraging of our little pub crawl.

I helped a nurse help Ants to the dinner table then hugged and kissed him for the millionth time and left. On my way home I realized how hugging/kissing beats the hell out of red wine.  Yeah, I know that is commonsense but I have never had a lot of that Рstill learning!