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Facebook friendships

on November 18, 2015

Over the last few months I have become Facebook friends with many of the staff at the nursing home where Anthony lives. Some of the staff have ‘friended’ me and I, too, have actively ‘friended’ others. This means that my blog (which automatically connects to my Facebook) is accessible to the very people who look after Anthony.

This is a little bit scary because I feel like I’ve made myself vulnerable. On the other hand, it is the most wonderful thing to be able to connect with these fantastic carers outside the context of the nursing home. The Facebook connection is virtual, yes, but also very real because I see many of these beautiful people every week and sometimes every day!

I didn’t deliberately plan these Facebook connections; it just kind of evolved and now I feel enthused to connect with as many staff at the nursing home as I can. I want to thank them personally; I want to acknowledge their amazingness; I want to know about their lives, their woes and joys.

I want to hug them back. So, to the staff at Anthony’s nursing home (yes, he thinks he owns it), many many many thanks! I think we can use Facebook to communicate.

5 responses to “Facebook friendships

  1. In your vulnerability, your heart shines through every word you write.

  2. Yes it can be scary, but that’s what I think makes connections so powerful, it’s amazing what technology has opened up for us, almost like a Pandora’s box but not quite, I still think the good by faar outweighs the bad. Hugs Jules 😀 xxoo

  3. I love that Anthony thinks he ‘owns’ the nursing home … he is a mirror of how he is treated … by everyone there … a beautiful reflection. I understand your feelings perfectly. Love, Gloria Oh, have you seen my frying pan … I can’t find it anywhere! 🙂 ❤

  4. Terry says:

    I wouldn’t have made as much progress as I have without my MSA Facebook page and the almost 500 MSA patients and families . I think it is wonderful you have found another way to spread your words and kindness . Hugs and love

  5. you do know you can decide who sees your blog on face book?? there are some people who i adore on Facebook, however, i know they would be offended by my views and that makes me very uncomfortable. it was a relief to know i could simply make a few clicks and now it is no longer an issue.

    having said that i don’t believe you have ever said one unkind word about any staff at the nursing home. you have always been so grateful for every tiny thing any one does to help you and anthony. personally i think it would be uplifting to be on staff and be your friend outside of that setting.

    anyone who has the good fortune of becoming your friend knows how lovely you truly are. i know i have been blessed to call you friend and there is nothing you could write that would change that. sending you love and big warm hugs my friend xxx

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