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Applying for a job

As many of you know, I recently applied for a job at the nursing home where Anthony has now lived for nearly three years. The job is that of ‘lifestyle assistant’ in the dementia wing/house, a role I have been learning over the recent weeks of volunteering. It is a three-hour shift, between 3 and 6pm, often a time of restless agitation for people with dementia as the sun goes down (Sundowner’s syndrome).

It was such a strange experience to be interviewed on Tuesday by two women who I already know so well – the Manager and the Events coordinator – but I still said “lovely to meet you”, which made us all laugh my nervousness away – well, sort of! But then I answered some of the questions clumsily, ignorant of the fastidious rules that have come into play since I last worked in a nursing capacity over 20 years ago.

So I was pretty sure I muffed my interview up and almost felt a sense of relief, but I couldn’t help hoping. Anthony knew about my application and interview but was a bit unsure about what was going on (he is not in the dementia wing) so when the Events Coordinator came into his room today and asked if she and I could have a chat, I thought she was just going to tell me I didn’t get the job.

And that’s how she started:
Ev: Julie, about that interview the other day (pulling a looooong face)
Me: Yes? (trying to look nonchalant)

But this is how she ended:
Ev: You got the job.
Me: What?

After that I twirled around Anthony’s room in a state of glee and, because I know so many of the staff and residents anyway, it’s been a joy to whisper, ‘I got the job!’ and Ants said at one point, “You are wonderful, Jules”.

Note: This is first post since my computer died and my computer whiz guy has salvaged everything onto a usb thingy. In meantime I have bought myself a Macbook – brilliant!