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Little crushes

on March 30, 2012

I find myself having little crushes on the various medical practitioners who have helped us over the last few months. I’m sure this is quite normal and is a passing phase, but I would still like to buy the doctor who visits Husband in the nursing lodge a big bouquet of flowers (since I can’t grow any). And today, when Son and I saw his surgeon for the first time since the scoliosis operation, I could hardly stop myself from flinging my arms around him. The before-and-after pictures of Son’s spinal x-rays will show you why I feel such overwhelming gratitude.

Perhaps I should simply pay the doctors’ bills. That should eradicate the little crush problem I have; actually it already has!

33 responses to “Little crushes

  1. Wow – the change is dramatic. Well done that doc!

  2. artfulanxiety says:

    Oh my goodness! Son’s spine looks amazing after the procedure! I would want to throw my arms around the surgeon too. You totally should have!

  3. It’s so easy Jules to feel deep attraction and fondness for these providers who help us manage our lives. For you it’s the people who take care of dear husband, and who are giving beloved son a whole new lease. I get it.
    For me it’s the people who give me hope that there are in fact options after being told by one there is little left to be done. How could we not adore these very people who help us take a leap of faith?

    However dear heart, as much as I am grateful too- even for those who bring lightness to your own heart on days when it must get pretty heavy- I too say pay the bills. It’s not as delightful but its far more productive in the end.

  4. Ingrid Rickersey says:

    That would do it!

  5. bluebee says:

    What a difference! What can be achieved with modern medicine is endlessly fascinating.

    Glad you found the cure for your crush, haha – those bills are like smelling salts, alright 🙂

  6. magsx2 says:

    Wow that is great, you can certainly see the improvement, I can totally understand why you are over the moon, great results. 😀

  7. julie lane says:

    now thats amazing…… so happy for ming. its a great result

  8. avian101 says:

    G-d blessed you Julie! All I can say.

  9. Judith Post says:

    Wow! What a difference. No wonder you love that doctor. But cash is usually more appreciated than flowers (at least with guys). And doctors don’t come cheap.

  10. pixilated2 says:

    I would have totally hugged the Doc. Its my way. The xrays are amazing! I’m so happy for your son, Julie. ~ Lynda

  11. Daniel Hugo says:

    Dear Juli,
    The age of miracles is upon us and it is expressed in human endevour and medical progress. There is a new movement in science reacting to the Darwinian evolutionary theories. Darwin’s theories are based on reductionism and materialism and the out dated physics of Newton. The new physics is Quantem mechanics where the driving force is the information in the DNA of the gene. It has now progressed to the philosophical theory of Intelligent Design which believes that Intelligence is is the creative hologistic force behind the creation of Life and the Universe. It also explains what used to be called miracles and these X-rays graphically depict that, the miracle of a bent spine made straight. This leads to “me-ism” which you are investigating in your next blog and you have come to understand that Inteligence needs to be shared otherwise one becomes mired in isolation and ignorance.

  12. Robyn Lee says:

    Great post Julie! Son’s curvature looks awesome Julie!! I hope he is feeling better and better as healing occurs.
    Yes I have observed this “crush” phenomenon time and time again…. especially with young women and their hip surgeons?! Interesting that as caregiver you also felt this adoration for the docs. Gratitude is a good thing — I hope son is back to feeling strong and pain-free in no time, and they continue to take excellent care of hubby at the lodge!

  13. Fergiemoto says:

    Awesome to see such a significant difference!

  14. I can’t even imagine the work that had to be done to perform this miracle! This doctor is amazing, and so is your son for enduring all of the pain he must have been in before and after the procedure!

  15. The x-rays are amazing. I saw my cousin’s before and after x-rays when she had scoliosis back in 1978. I saw the before, before seeing the after, and really couldn’t understand how they could possibly correct that condition. They did, and after a year recovering, she was back running track, so successfully that she set several high school track records and got a track scholarship to pay her way through college.

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