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What happened to the novella?

on March 31, 2012

I just remembered I was supposed to be writing this novella which is in a separate wordpress blog, all cold and lonely due to lack of attention. Not sure why I forgot about it – I must have had too much me-time on my hands (sorry, but what a load of crap that ‘me-time’ post was – cringe and apologies to those who have no me-time!)

So, tomorrow is the first day of April and I plan to finish the novella by the end of the month. You can find the first few chapters at

Critics welcome!

27 responses to “What happened to the novella?

  1. bahharvey says:

    Please let me know any updates. Perhaps it will encourage me to get started on my vignette that I want to write

  2. hugr5 says:

    What’s the plot?


  3. Judith Post says:

    Started your novella. Unusual format, with such short chapters, but I like it. Each incident is telling.

  4. Randy Roberts says:

    Writer’s Digest! They’re…um…still around, huh? I subscribed to their magazine back before everything was on the internet. Their tips actually helped me get some poetry published. I found your novella, and am currently reading the earlier chapters.

  5. Writing your novella is your me-time!

  6. Seriously? On top of everything else you do? Yeesch! Go DD! Margie

  7. Once I catch up on comments, I will definitely check out what you have done so far!

  8. pixilated2 says:

    Wondered about that! ~ Lynda

  9. I understand the lack of attention. I have about thirty chapter ones written. I never get to chapter two due to lack of attention. lol

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