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Gramophone glee

on October 16, 2012

I finally took delivery of the gramophone I bought for Anthony a while ago so yesterday I met my mother and sister-in-law at the nursing lodge and we cranked it up. Anthony was invisibly thrilled – ha – but it was definitely a success. It just fits into the cupboard in his room so that’s good because now, whenever I go in, I can bring it out and put it on.

48 responses to “Gramophone glee

  1. Ms. Boice says:

    Hooray! Nothing like a good ‘ol gramophone!

  2. Anonymous says:

    I am so thrilled Jules, it is so good it hopefully will give Ants lots of joy.
    Love always, Jen, David, Digby and Toby.

  3. I bet that he really is thrilled. What kind of music do the two of you like?

  4. meg lane says:

    I think the other residents and their carers out on the verandah nearby, enjoyed he strange distorted old music too, but Anthony kept closing the speaker doors, to keep the joy close to himself! Great moment. Meg xx

    • jmgoyder says:

      It would be rather lovely to have a bit of a gramophone session for all of the residents. I didn’t realize he was closing the speaker doors to keep it to himself – interesting. Thanks Mother!

  5. Robyn Lee says:

    Great – So Exciting Julie ~ love this photo!xxoo

  6. terry1954 says:

    wow, you are lucky to have one of those!!! i am happy for you. a good day and no tear day, and your family all involved. yeah!!!!

  7. bulldogsturf says:

    Something to bring back memories of the past and to give tremendous pleasure for the future…love it…

  8. Nice! Do you have the records at home or do you need to buy some?

    • jmgoyder says:

      A couple of years ago I bought Ants a big gramophone. It was a ripoff because the stupid spring was faulty but in the bottom cupboard of it there were masses of records – bonus!

  9. Finn Holding says:

    Whoah, what a beauty! I hope it brings alot of pleasure to Anthony.

  10. niasunset says:

    WOW! This is so beautiful. Blessing and Happiness to you all, Thanks and Love, nia

  11. victoriaaphotography says:

    What a lovely present and great photo of you all.

  12. dogdaz says:

    Music is so wonderful. That looks like a great treat.

  13. Love the photo and I was just trying to remember if I’ve ever even heard a gramophone. I’m not sure…

  14. Judith Post says:

    Looks like a fun moment and a machine for merry making. Let the good times roll…or spin!

  15. viveka says:

    So happy that you found one … I suppose it’s not the Ebay one. Wonderful news – and it shows in Ant’s face what success it’s. Congratulation!

  16. Fergiemoto says:

    How wonderful! Precious photo!

  17. The first thing I thought of when I read this was that my daughters wouldn’t have any idea what a gramophone is………………lol

  18. Barb says:

    I was just thinking of record players yesterday. it brought back so many memories of replacing needles, skipping music and playing a song over and over and over and over. I still have my LPs.

  19. eof737 says:

    How cool is that… I haven’t seen one in ages. You are a remarkable lady Julie. Love the photo. 😉

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