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A new beginning

on October 31, 2012

I follow and read a lot of blogs and this weird NaNoWriMo thing keeps getting mentioned so, today, I thought I’d look into it.

Well, just in time, as tomorrow is November 1st – Day 1 of this extraordinary international writing challenge – to write a novel in a month. So I signed up!


I haven’t been this excited for a long time.

80 responses to “A new beginning

  1. neve16 says:

    So have I! Now I just need to find the inspiration to write 1667 words per day 🙂

  2. Are we as your loyal followers going to be given a copy when all is said and done?

  3. yellowlancer says:

    Hi Julie, I’ve added you as a writing buddy 🙂
    I’m excited, too, after days of Will-I?, Won’t-I?, it feels right. So… Yeeha! from Victoria, may they meet somewhere over South Australia!

  4. artsifrtsy says:

    I’m signed up too! Wanna be my writing buddy? I’m artsifrtsy 🙂

  5. bulldogsturf says:

    Well done… it will keep you busy and you have such great stories to tell you will make it easily… you go for it…happy for you…

  6. pierrmorgan says:

    Wahoo! More the merrier. Fun it is!

  7. victoriaaphotography says:

    Sounds like enormous fun, Julie.
    Wish I could still write, but at the moment, photography & blogging is about my limit energy-wise.
    (I’m struggling to catch up with all the blogs & emails since I bought my little laptop 2 days ago – still haven’t worked out how to do much on this new Mac laptop).

    While it’s a wonderful little laptop, I will look forward to getting my old desktop computer back when (or should I say if) it ever gets repaired. The old-fashioned keyboard & large screen were so easy to use.

  8. cobbies69 says:

    good luck I do it last year and this it is fun enjoy

  9. Barb says:

    Okay, Julie, I came over here to toilet paper your blog in honor of Halloween, but I discover you’re already throwing confetti around.
    If you can endure just a bit of advice, for NaNoWriMo, I’ll share that:
    Just write. Don’t filter. Don’t do a lot of research (like how much jello it takes to fill a bathtub so you can drown somebody). You can look all that up later. Just write.
    Give yourself permission to turn out a crappy first draft.
    That’s what the other 11 months are for…..editing.
    Best of luck. I’ll be checking on you all.

  10. Wonderful news and we look forward so much to hearing how it goes!

  11. diannegray says:

    Well done! Best of luck:)

  12. viveka says:

    Wonderful …. good luck to you! I’m sure you will box this one. Also if you don’t at least you gave it a shot, Batman. Julie, go … go … GOOOoOooOoo!

  13. niasunset says:

    Good Luck dear Julie, I am so excited for you too now… Thanks and Love, nia

  14. TBM says:

    That’s great. I wish you luck and happy writing! I admire all of you who are doing this. Way to go!

  15. I did not sign up–but may do it as a personal challenge. Good for you for committing–I, on the other hand, should be committed! Happy Halloween!

  16. Ingrid says:

    It’s cool … I signed up but I’m wondering do others get to see your writing? It’s just that when you’re just freeflow writing, you don’t necessarily want others ot see it yet!

  17. Louise G. says:

    Yeah! I’m excited — if your blog is any indication, your book will be amazing.

  18. Dear Julie – Bravo – that is one of the best decisions you have made. Your writing should be seen by others. It will give you a window of space for yourself to do something that you excel at.

  19. Yay! What’s your name on Nano? We can be friends, apparently.

  20. tootlepedal says:

    Crumbs, your fingers will end up two inches shorter with all this keyboard hammering. Good luck.

  21. Finn Holding says:

    Go for it Julie! A challenging project – good luck.

  22. terry1954 says:

    can’t wait to read it!!!!!

  23. cecilia says:

    Excellent and welcome.. i am cmbwgunther on the nano thingie so find me as a writing buddy. has Ming signed up as well.. no writing during Home and Away.. you should be able to belt out 200 words in no time. So where is your novel going to be set?.. exciting alright..c

    • jmgoyder says:

      Ming? Hell no! He hates reading and writing – hahahahaha! I will try and find you if you don’t find me first – I am very new to the nano thing.

  24. janeslog says:

    That’s a big challenge!

  25. Northern Narratives says:

    Good luck to you. I think you are a talented writer. Have fun with it 🙂

  26. How do you make a bigger sorry? I need to know for the next time I have to apologize to Cap’n Firepants!

  27. Judith Post says:

    Hooray! You can do it!

  28. Congratulations! I think this project comes right in time to give you something to focus on for the next month. Now I’m curious what you’ll be writing about. If it’s your beautiful love story, you already have a headstart.

  29. Susan says:

    Great! Could be the start of something big and we can all say “I knew her when”!! Best of luck x

  30. elizabeth says:

    Yee-haw! I’m so excited for you Julie. 🙂 I know you’ll do it and you’ll do it in style. You go girl!

  31. Trisha says:

    How fun! You have writing buddies already and everything! I am thinking of doing it unofficially, as I don’t think I could physically type 1667 words per day. But I look forward to hearing about your experience. Keep us posted!

  32. Trisha says:

    You inspired me, Julie! After thinking how cool it is that you’re doing NanoWriMo, I decided to sign up too, even though it’s 4:30 pm on November 1st and I haven’t written a word yet. Why not, right? I’ll buddy request you if I can figure out how!

  33. eof737 says:

    Hope you enjoy the process… This is year 4 for me and it has been very rewarding. 😉

  34. judithatwood says:

    Welcome to Diabetic Redemption. I’m glad you’ve joined us. On my site, I have a Friends page, where readers share information about themselves and their blogs. Please feel welcome to comment there if you’d like. And congrats on the NaNoWriMo — this is my first year, too, and I am loving every second of it! Again, Welcome!

  35. FlaHam says:

    Julie, My daughter has gotten wrapped up in this as well, and has written 40,000 words so far this month. She is moving right along. I know from talking to her daily how she sometimes struggles so I can imagine you too are having those issues from time to time, but I wish you well in this effort and keep it up. Take care, Bill

  36. fgassette says:

    Welcome! Thank you for subscribing to follow my blog. I hope you are encouraged, inspired and enjoy the photos I take of life’s events as seen through the lens of my camera.

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