wings and things


on November 19, 2012

I got home from my second visit to Anthony at the hospital today to find that Ming had put the birds into their pens, fed all and sundry and let the dogs out for their second run. Jack (the Irish terrier) is all long legs and somersaulting enthusiam and Blaze (the mini-dachschund) is a desperado for hugs, so when I drove into the garage, they both greeted me with wet noses and gleeful barks until I hugged them both. Beautiful.

Then Ming said, “Where is my food?” so I put him in the chookhouse. It was a bit of a tight squeeze to begin with until he agreed to fend for himself tonight as I was pretty tired. Then I rang the hospital and, attempting nonchalance (since I had already bothered so many nurses today about Anthony’s meds. etc.) I was put onto a lovely nurse who handed me to a very strong-voiced Ants and I said goodnight to him without tears in my eyes. I had met this nurse earlier in the day when Ants had somehow clambered out of the bed and sliced his leg open and, as she was dressing the wound, I explained about the PDD and his previous post-op. behaviour. I did this in front of Ants because we have this unspoken honesty policy I guess.

Actually, no, not quite, because I am not sure whether to tell Anthony about his dementia or not. So far, I just say it’s Parkinson’s when he asks why this and that. I guess we will figure it out eventually. Tonight his left eye was swollen and blueblack due to the skin cancer being so close to it but the scar looks good and clean and it is such a relief to be rid of this horrible thing. Tomorrow I will take him back to the nursing lodge which might be tricky because he thinks I am bringing him home.

38 responses to “Home

  1. Louise G. says:

    You remind me every day Julie to love people where they’re at, exactly as they are, and to let go of my expectations. Thank you.

    Hugs dear friend.

  2. You’re doing a fine job managing all of this Julie. xo

  3. It never ends–but somehow you seem to manage. Glad Anthony was sound strong.
    What is a chookhouse?

  4. rheath40 says:

    Oh honey. My heart goes out to you and yours.

  5. terry1954 says:

    I am glad all went alright, and that you are now home to rest!

  6. FringeGirl says:

    I am glad the surgery went well.

  7. bulldogsturf says:

    So glad to hear the op went well, and strength for the return to the home… you do sound more positive.. and Ming in the chookhouse.. I hope you got a photo of that… go well my friend.. you are a tower of strength that just amazes me…

  8. Robyn Lee says:

    Glad the surgery is complete and all seems to have gone smoothly ~ hope his post-op cognitive status is stable… and send huge hugs for your strength in managing all this Julie. Really you are like an angel person. xo R

  9. FlaHam says:

    Julie, your life with Ants and Ming constantly amaze me. Sometimes when I read your work, I think the next saint is talking directly to me. It is a difficult road you travel, and clearly it is the one less traveled. But you are a good strong guide on how it should be transversed. Thank you for sharing your stories, and the emotions that come with them. — Bill

  10. tersiaburger says:

    I also battled whether to tell my Dad about the Alzheimers. One morning when he woke up he asked me what was happening to him. I explained to him that the AD was destroying the memory part of his brain. It caused him a lot of distress and then mercifully he forgot! I am so grateful he forgot.

    What is a chookhouse???

  11. Yeah it would be a tight squeeze to get Ming into the chookhouse……………and he wouldn’t be able to lay you any eggs……… Does hurt him to fend for himself from time to time…….

  12. Judith Post says:

    Lord, what a day. Be nice to yourself.

  13. dogdaz says:

    So good of Ming to do all the chores. It must be exhausting for you. Good luck tomorrow.

  14. Best of luck with everything tomorrow. It seems to never get easier. Hang in there! 🙂

  15. Trisha says:

    I’m glad the surgery went well and that Ming did chores for you! I don’t know what a chookhouse is but I think I need one to put my sons in. Ha! I hope tomorrow goes well. Will be thinking you and Anthony.

  16. dou dou says:

    Wow, I have missed a lot, glad Anthony is OK

  17. Finn Holding says:

    Good to hear it’s all gone well Julie. Another hurdle successfully vaulted!

  18. eof737 says:

    Glad Ming is doing more… and Hope A heals from that cut…

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