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Love story 119 – PS

on November 19, 2012

During my bout of ‘Godiness’ yesterday I was reminded of the days when I first met Anthony and Inna and my shock at what I then thought was their secularism. You see, as a 17, nearly 18-year-old I had never really met people who didn’t go to church and I was appalled! I had been brought up in an extremely evangelical household with church twice on Sundays, prayer and Bible studies once a week and, as a kid, I used to wear ‘Jesus Loves You‘ badges and hand out tracts to perfect strangers. I was a staunch and very narrow minded Christian.

I spoke easily and confidently of my faith to Anthony and Inna much to their amusement and, when I look back, I both cringe and laugh at how I tried to ‘convert’ them to my particular brand of Christianity with the Bible-bashing zeal of my youth and limited experience of life’s ups and downs. Anthony and I would have heated arguments about God which usually culminated in him roaring with laughter at what he described as my naivety. So I would pray every night that he would see the light (with a PS. for him to fall in love with me – haha!)

Inna humoured me and when I said things like “I am praying for you to feel better”, she would smile twinkingly and say, “Well, that’s nice, darling,” and pat my hand soothingly as if I were the one who was elderly and ill. My self-righteousness at the time amazes me; after all Inna was very good friends with the Anglican bishop, donated generously to the church, and attended when she was well enough.

Today, in the hospital, waiting with Anthony for three hours before he was taken in to surgery,  I remembered all of these long-ago events and conversations. At one point, he dozed and then woke up with a start and looked at me piercingly. “Are you Jules?”

“Of course I’m Jules, you idiot, you haven’t even had any sedation yet and you’re already loopy!” I got the giggles.

He reached for my hand and his voice grinned as he said, “We are so crazy about each other aren’t we!”

I said “Yeah, yeah, now shut up and let me read my magazine.”

“I love you too,” he said, closing his eyes.

So I guess you could say that my PS prayer was answered!

He’s still in surgery so let’s hope the rest of the day is smooth sailing.

20 responses to “Love story 119 – PS

  1. Hope all goes well. Those of us with long, happy marriages are so blessed. I was brought up by parents who never went to church but I am the complete opposite and attend every week. I see his hands throughout my life.

  2. bulldogsturf says:

    I pray all goes well Jules and this post has me not worried at all…. the last one was so like me in the past, I was frightened by it and actually took a good few hours before I could comment on it… it was déjà vu for me and I recalled quite clearly the thoughts that had rushed through my own head such a long time ago…. but today you sound so much more yourself and I just know all will be well with Ant… God Bless..

  3. just as you prayed for Inna, I will pray for you and Anthony–though I find God has quite a sense of humour with me–he answers my prayers for others, but not so much for me–am I being taught not to be greedy?
    hope all goes well for you–and just so you know, I do not generally go around telling people I will pray for them–it is not something I speak of, but it is something I do

  4. viveka says:

    Thinking … on you, both!!!!! I feel that everything will be just fine with Ant.

  5. (smiling) a wonderful post Julie, glad it all worked out. xo

  6. tersiaburger says:

    Julie what a beautiful love story. I am glad your PS prayer was answered. Hope the surgery goes well. It may be very “destabilizing” for Anthony – his confusion and paranoia may be worse after the surgery… Good luck!

  7. terry1954 says:

    i love your stories from the past, filled with so much love. hope you are remaining as calm as possible while waiting for Ants to come out of surgery. hugs Julie

  8. Robyn Lee says:

    Loved this story Julie! Yes… Ps prayer definitely answered! Hope all flowed smooth after this!!!!

  9. artsifrtsy says:

    It’s lovely how those things come to mind. I read your post yesterday and though about the times my faith was tested to the point that I went into some sort of cruise control. I think young zeal can lack the depth of real life experiences. Sometimes the Job-like challenges we face give understanding to the idea of “walking with” and “through” instead of “lifting out of” – faith is a complex thing and cookie cutter words can hurt more than help sometimes. Hope all is well today with you and Ants.

  10. FlaHam says:

    Julie, what a wonderful story. Thank you so very much. — Bill

  11. janechese says:

    Well, well, it’s gratitude time…makes room for more good things to come…your both worth it!

  12. This post made me thing of my sister Sue who went through a stage of being a bible basher herself much to the annoyance of the rest of the family………..funny how we look back at our younger self and wonder why…………

  13. eof737 says:

    I believe that indeed it was… power of prayer. 😉

  14. Judith Post says:

    I’m so far behind on everything, I just got to this, but I LOVE it! You two have such a rare relationship. So special.

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