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Lady Barefoot Baroness

on November 22, 2012

I have been following Lady Barefoot Baroness’ blog almost since I began my own blog last year. Apart from anything else I was intrigued by her name! Now I call her BB or CC (for Cheeky Cherub) and we have formed a friendship via the blogosphere that I value immensely.

Amongst all of her other talents, she hand-makes gift cards and yesterday I received two from her as gifts! When I opened the package and saw the cards I was overwhelmed, not just by BB’s generosity to me but by her talent. The meticulous detail of each card astounds me and these photos don’t do them justice.

I am going to frame them! There is no way I am giving them away hahaha! So if you want one, you are not getting mine and you’ll have to contact BB herself but remember, she is a baroness, so you must be very respectful.

Baroness, I cannot thank you enough for this beautiful gesture.

38 responses to “Lady Barefoot Baroness

  1. terry1954 says:

    my girlfriend makes these cards as well, through Stampin UP. Yours are truly beautiful cards!!!

  2. bulldogsturf says:

    Wow very impressive cards… I would also frame them… lovely..

  3. dcwisdom says:

    Lovely artwork! Wonderful creativity! I’ll hop on over to visit, and maybe she and I can be friends, too. 🙂 You are blessed, Julie.

  4. janechese says:

    These cards really are works of art.I would frame them too. Always keep the hand-made ones.

  5. niasunset says:

    I loved them so much, how nice. I am a new follower of Lady Barefoot now. Thank you dear Julie, love, nia

  6. you are one lucky lady–but you need some prettiness in your busy and hectic life – they are absolutely beautiful–I would frame them too

  7. My Dear Jules, thank you.. thank you!!

    You had already left me such a special message via email and I thought when you asked if you could post the cards that was ALL you were doing. Sneaky cheeky Jules.

    You truly honor and humble this Baroness with your kind, and now treasured words. I always hope whoever the recipient is of my cards that they will recognize the effort that goes into each one, never two alike, and will always keep them. You are creative force thinking to frame them. .

    You, dearest Jules make a complete giant step in another direction of honor. ! Thank you again my friend ~ my love to you, Ants & Ming~ Your very own CC

    • jmgoyder says:

      You will laugh to know I took a zillion photos of the cards, trying to portray them the way they were and none of the photos captured their intricacy so the ones I posted were placed on an old roll top desk and still didn’t do the cards justice. You are an amaXing artist BB!

      • The post and the photos are lovely Jules. You could not have made any more grateful. I am just so delighted that you are pleased with them The Believe card was chosen because of your absoulte love for all things feathered The Cherish card is so that you will know I cherish our friendship.

        All these lovely comments a bonus I had not expected or thougfht of. Thank you again Jules for all your support.

        Thank you so the most amaXing Jules ~

  8. elizabeth says:

    I wouldn’t use them either Julie. They are gorgeous! Happy Thanksgiving 🙂

  9. viveka says:

    What a lovely gift … wonderful! It’s a fantastic world we are in here with worldpress.

  10. Beautiful! I wouldn’t give them away either.

  11. cobbies69 says:

    beautiful honor to a very talented lady, 😉

  12. tersiaburger says:

    I am also an avid admirer of BB. She is an amazing person, full of compassion and a great Blogger, How can cards be so beautiful?? It is works of art! I would also frame them. You lucky fish!

  13. FlaHam says:

    Julie, the cards are wonderful, a million years ago a very good friend gave me four hand drawn Christmas Cards, they the most beautiful cards I have ever seen. I made the cardnial sin, I sent all 4 of them to people I really cared for. To this day I wish I had saved one for me. Framing them is the right thing to do. — Bill

  14. WordsFallFromMyEyes says:

    she’s the best, hey! I didn’t know she could create so beatifully.

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