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An eventful day

on December 2, 2012

Today’s plan was to bring Anthony home for lunch but I got a phonecall at the crack of dawn from the nursing lodge to report that he’d had a bad fall and they would be getting an ambulance to take him to hospital. He’d been found on the floor next to his bed with his head bleeding and seemingly concussed. The nurse who rang me reassured me that he wasn’t anxious or in pain and, knowing how fond she is of Anthony, I took her word for it and decided not to freak out.

So I calmly got dressed and ready to go into the hospital, but waited for Ming to get home from milking the cows first. I rang the Emergency department and was able to speak to Anthony and the first thing he said was, “I’m such an idiot!” We had a bit of a chuckle and I said I’d be in soon.

Unbelievably, by the time I got to the hospital,  and waited at reception (rather a long time), I was told that Anthony had just been ambulanced back to the nursing lodge. So I calmly left and headed to the nursing lodge to find him looking fine but with a wound to his right temple (the opposite side from where he had the skin cancer taken out last week). He was surprisingly nimble, so using his walker, we walked out into the patio and sat at a table. I teased him in my usual way and he held my hand in his usual way and then he went to sleep in his chair so I grabbed a magazine and read the latest celebrity gossip, then went down to the nursing lodge kitchen and asked if I could order lunch to have with him. No problem.

I went back to the patio and Anthony was still drowsing so I sat there calmly thinking oh this is so boring, then the lunch arrived – a beautiful roast dinner. At this point, I punched Anthony in the shoulder (lightly) to wake him up, but he didn’t respond, then I shook him and said loudly, “C’mon Ants – lunch is here!” No response. So I calmly went and got a nurse.

Well, there was a fair bit of panic when nobody could rouse him  so once again the ambulance was called and a troop of nurses used the hoist to lift Anthony from his chair to a trolley to take him to his bed. They wheeled him off but I didn’t follow immediately because I was very calmly bursting into tears. One of the nurses came outside and asked if I wanted a hug but I said no thank you, not now, maybe later.

Once I got my stupid eyes to stop leaking, I went into Anthony’s room where the same nurse was taking his blood pressure and looking worried. He’d come to a bit but looked very dazed. I tried to jolly him up by mimicking what he’d done outside but he had no recollection of course and was a bit nonplussed at all the fuss.

The ambulance arrived and I met them at the hospital and, after several more tests including a catscan, he is once again going back to the nursing lodge, and I’ve just got home.

38 responses to “An eventful day

  1. Coming or going, eh? What a day. Wonder if you’ll ever know why he couldn’t be roused.

  2. Have you thought of getting a Kindle for those moments?

  3. Oh Julie, not the kind of eventful day anyone would want… (((hugs)))

  4. Oh Julie, you don’t have it easy. I know about that calm feeling just before the freak out!! Keep your chin up girl

  5. victoriaaphotography says:

    What a mix-up, Julie.
    Back & forth. It must have been worrying when they couldn’t rouse him.

    So good to hear how gorgeous all the staff were – you’re lucky to have them caring for Anthony.

    Hope all turns out ok and Anthony is back to his usual self tomorrow.

  6. crazy day…I’m glad you have staff you feel comfortable around, that must help x

  7. what a crummy day–here is a virtual (hug)–I like them better anyway, as I tend to be an awkward hugger and bang into people and step on their feet

  8. janeslog says:

    A head injury is a strange thing. A few years ago I fell while out running and broke my nose and 3 front teeth. I can remember people asking me if I was all right and pulling the remains of my teeth back into position as they had been pushed right back into my mouth.

    The blood was pouring from my nose and my lip had been pierced by a tooth which was causing blood to pour from my lip as well.

    I can’t remember anything much after this except waking up in hospital the next morning. I bounced back and so will Anthony. Head injuries always look worse than they sometimes are because of all the blood, its just making sure that no permanent damage has occurred to the brain. If the CAT scan showed no damage, he was probably still in shock from the fall.

    (The worst of it was the dental bill which I had to pay to crown my 3 front teeth, but fortunately my dentist is an NHS one, so some of the cost was subsidised by the NHS).

  9. Anonymous says:

    A sub-dural hematoma is something they would worry about with a fall like this and I think the CT Scan would show the bleeding, if that were going on. What a good thing you were there with him and got immediate help. Leaking eyes? Give me a break! You’re Superwoman!


    • jmgoyder says:

      It looks as though he might be having mini-stroke episodes – not sure. CT showed nothing but the doctor on duty said some CT scans don’t show the little stuff – argh. Thank you Kathy!

  10. Glad it ended better than it began.

  11. Louise G. says:

    I too am glad it ended better than it began. And now…. for that HUG!

    Hugs Julie. Big Hugs.

  12. mrs fringe says:

    😦 What a day! I’m glad he seems to be ok now, and you were able to go home and get some rest. I hope the night was quiet, and you can enjoy lunch with Anthony today. >cause they aren’t as squishy or threatening as real life ones 😉

  13. dogdaz says:

    My goodness, this was a day. Hope it was nothing more than the usual scare. Hope your back to ‘normal’ soon and get to have that nice hot lunch.

  14. Colline says:

    What an emotional see-saw of a day. I hope you got your hug by the end of the day (virtual hug from me).

  15. terry1954 says:

    you poor thing. you have been through too much. is he ok? What happened or caused it?

  16. pixilated2 says:

    Julie, I don’t think I would have survived a day like this. I’m so glad it all turned out better than it began. Kathy is right, you are superwoman! ~Lynda

  17. Swteetie–sending you a hug.

  18. FlaHam says:

    Julie, your strength continues to amaze me. I have only followed your blogs (this one in particular) for a few months, and you have witnessed, and have been involved in more trials and tribulations than I can imagine. And thru it all you have done it with what I consider to be great style and grace. Take care, Bill

  19. tootlepedal says:

    A famous British politician when asked what toppled governments replied, ‘Events, dear boy, events.’ Your events are rather seismic too. Well done for keeping as calm as you did.

  20. annotating60 says:

    Sounds like quite a day.>KB

  21. tersiaburger says:

    I actually understand the use of the word “calm” in the context you used it. In my case it is a state of panic when I have to use every bit of my strength to appear confident and in control…. Thinking of you and hoping that Ant will be better tomorrow!

  22. Hope tomorrow is better!

  23. Wow! No wonder you are exhausted!

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