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on December 1, 2012

I am, once again, subscribing to too many blogs but I don’t want to unsubscribe (like I had to do once before when it all got too much and there was a software glitch) because I really enjoy those blogs and I’ve even found a few new ones.

This presents a dilemma that will be familiar to most bloggers: How do I keep up with all the reading, liking and commenting as well as write my own daily post(s)?

Well you can’t, can you, so don’t even try. Read, ‘like’ and/or comment on the blogposts that interest you on any given day and leave it at that. You don’t have to read everything! Check out the title of the post and if it appeals to you, read it; if not, it’s no big deal. It isn’t a crime to not read everybody’s blog posts (especially those daily people like me!) Take the day off and delete all of your email notifications because there will be more tomorrow. – that is guaranteed!

I lost a few ‘followers’ when my bird blog evolved into something more personal and that is fine. As a novice blogger I was initially a bit sad not to hear from a couple of people anymore but, as a more seasoned blogger, I completely understand. After all, why would someone interested in birds also be interested in Parkinson’s disease?

Blogging is a strange and beautifully unpredictable world. You make friends, find commonalities, offer support, receive support and you are allowed to say anything you want to say. I find this exhilarating, but, yes, risky and even a bit frightening. When I tiptoed into this blogging world a little over a year ago I had no way of anticipating that I would become so emotionally gripped by various bloggers/people. I had no idea that I would discover friendships that would alter my own little status quo and give perspective to my little life.

Who cares about the stupid statistics? That is the one thing I have begun to loathe about blogging – this constant, daily reminder of how many ‘hits’ you’ve received. Why does that matter to us so much – are we that desperate for acknowledgement that we exist? Why are we competing?

Give me a hug, virtual or otherwise, any day!

PS. If I have lost touch with your blog it has not been intentional….

70 responses to “Blogolitics

  1. It’s hard to keep up, isn’t it? Some days I don’t have time to read the blogs I normally read reguarly, and then I feel guilty that I have deserted them!

  2. victoriaaphotography says:

    It’s easy to fall behind when we follow too many blogs, and you’re right, does one really have to read every post on every blog?

    When my computer went kaput and I couldn’t post photos as often due to increasing health symptoms, I finally got out of that addictive craving for ‘likes’ and the obsessive need to comment on every post and every blog I followed (because it was physically impossible).

    I think it was C S Lewis who wrote the phrase “we read to know we’re not alone”.

    Maybe someone else should write “we blog to know we’re not alone”.

    Sometimes it’s easier to talk to strangers, especially on the computer. Fellow bloggers are great company too. Mostly, they’re generous with their words and willing to share what would otherwise be a difficult conversation face to face.

    You just need to learn about ‘pacing’ yourself, Julie. Find balance in your blogging world and you’ll be able to reduce that stress and guilt ‘seesaw’.

    Like friendship, when a blog has run it’s course in our lives, we need to learn how to let go and move on (without feeling guilty).

  3. I was worrying at times, also… about trying to read ‘all’ the blogs I follow. I was wondering how to do it all.. now, you made me realize I’m not the only one… I do the best I can because they all mean the world to me or, I wouldn’t have subscribed. :))) If I don’t get to read today, I will tomorrow… I love all my blogs, friends. I’m glad you wrote that… I was wondering how could anyone read all, each day. Granny Gee :)))

  4. oldsunbird says:

    I’m so glad to see posts like this because I have the same problem. I’m slow due to bad eyes. After 20 minutes or so, I literally can’t see the screen. Other physical problems also interfere. Sometimes the amount of correspondence waiting is overwhelming. I hope we all understand if we don’t hear from all our followers each time. And I believe we do because we all have the same problem. I read many more blogs than I’m able to respond to.

    I truly do love reading your blogs. They are so entertaining and I learn a lot too. You’ve added much pleasure to my life.

  5. I agree- tough to keep up and I subscribe to many– but like meeting new people– I do delete a few blogs if over time, I either lose interest or never seem to hear.- no comments, etc… I don’t fret about my statistics; I haven’t been Freshly Pressed. I just enjoy it! Glad we met via Diana! So no worries, if you don’t “like” or comment on my posts- totally understand!

  6. yellowlancer says:

    Great post Julie, you’ve said exactly what I think and I’m sure I’m not alone. We all have lives outside of blogging and can’t do it all every day. True friends/followers understand – don’t feel guilty. 🙂

  7. (hug) – you make a lot of sense and I have had to employ the tactics you described as I am just following too many bloggers
    I always make sure to read you–so even if on the rare occasion I do not comment (like this week) I am still there, hovering in the background, skulking like a demon in the night,….I am not trying to creep you out–just know that I love your blog no matter what you write about

  8. It’s terribly difficult to keep up. I went through a bit of a meltdown recently with too much going on and virtually no access to the internet. After a while you just let go and do what you can! We’re almost accidental bloggers as we started up to let owners know how trips were going, little knowing the addiction that would follow 😉

  9. Louise G. says:

    Love this post — and it’s true. We can only do our best.

    YOu have such an awesome attitude — and blog! 🙂

  10. bulldogsturf says:

    I receive nearly 100 email notices a day from bloggers I follow.. and that is exactly what I have to do sometimes… hit the delete button… but I do like to look at a lot of them.. those I can get a comment… and then there are those special ones I will not miss or delete, I do my best to read them every time… it’s not that many maybe 15 or so… but when I go away I do fall behind… to hell with the figures I blog for fun and if some one likes or reads great… I know I’m guaranteed 3 reads a post… my kids always look to see what the old fart is up to…

  11. Colline says:

    Like you, I have had to cut back on my blog reading – life has a way of interfering 🙂
    On a good day I will read all post notifications I receive – and sometimes even read other posts. Do I miss it when I do not have the time to read (or even post)? Yes! But I know that the blogger community is there when I come back and will welcome me with open arms.

  12. Hard, Julie: I have two lists of visits: one that I do daily, the other when I can. I don’t even get to do the daily one daily because my life is hectic and harum-scarum. But it gives me a tenuous sense of control…

  13. mrs fringe says:

    Sending (((((hugs)))))
    I do feel guilty about “falling behind,” but I do the best I can. So, sometimes I’m visiting regularly, other times, well, you know.

    Like everything else in life, it is what it is. I do love blogging, and the friends I’m connecting with here in the blogosphere. 🙂

  14. cobbies69 says:

    I have a similar problem and I try to be loyal to the ones that are regular and loyal to mine.. but it is what we are all about..;)

  15. Northern Narratives says:

    I don’t sign up for any email notifications, so I follow my blogs through the reader. I can’t imagine getting a hundred emails a day.

  16. strengthfinder says:

    very interesting. It didn’t occur to me that I should read and comment on everything regularly. I think of my reader as a personally tailored magazine and as I scroll down I click on what catches my eye. Sometimes I feel like visiting people I really like and say “still love reading your stuff”. Or something like it as a heart felt affirmation of support and encouragement. I comment when I can’t resist to. I am really new to this though. Too new to know what to expect. I write what I feel and then let it go. You have a nice tone. Very enjoyable!

  17. artsifrtsy says:

    I keep finding blogs that interest me, but I have decided to let myself off the hook about reading every word that all of them write. You are right about stats – just numbers with no real relevance to the connections you make.

  18. cecilia says:

    I never get any of the email notifications, none at all, there is something wrong with my set up, and only a few come through on the reader feed.. however I like it that way, I just go and see who i want to when i want to, if I have the time. Some every day, some once a week. Some I miss by mistake. My stats are never huge, (but i hear that anyone tuning in on an ipad or phone is not counted anyway and that is all my family for a start), so who knows what is going on and really who cares. I love the comments, that is why i always try to answer most of them, it is the repartee that I love. One hour every morning, that is as long as i have for blogging.. and I love this house, i have ten minutes left.. have a good one.. c

  19. Robyn Lee says:

    Big Hug Julie ~ this was soooo great. Yes I have learned too – nothing should be taken personally in the blogsphere… most all mean well and everyone has different life stresses and distractions… statistics aren’t important at all — just feeling good about creating, communicating, expressing and connecting… it’s all good! Physically it’s tough for me to stay on computer for long spurts… I do my best and love my blog friends no matter what! ~ xxoo

  20. terry1954 says:

    i can not fathom the idea of ever losing you or your blog

  21. pixilated2 says:

    Julie, I think we are all in this dilemma. My solve was to put everyone into my reader, and only a handful come into my email. Those in the reader I scroll through and read the intros, look at the photos, and decide from there if I want to dive in for a closer read. Then there are some, like you, that I want to follow closely, but even doing this I find that some days I am not able to ‘get by’ and say anything. Although, I do catch up later on.

    Funny, if all our blogging friends were in the neighborhood we live in, then we wouldn’t have contact every day, and yet because we follow each other here online we feel guilty if we don’t read and say something every day. What’s that all about? So, if the above responses from others are any clue, then I’d say that we are all generally feeling like you.
    Love you, Lynda

  22. elizabeth says:

    I made a decision a while back to take one day a week (at least) to check on the bloggers I like. And that’s what I do. No worries 🙂

    Also, it’s nice to have feedback, but it’s also okay to have days where no one comes by. If you get to my blog that’s great, but if you don’t I’ll still love you. No big deal 🙂

  23. That’s exactly how I feel. I cannot possibly keep up with all the blogs I subscribe to. I read and comment on those that interest me, and do not backtrack to read all the blogs I’ve missed. Sometimes I’ll have the opportunity, but not always. You’re doing the right thing. You only have so much free time. I’m writing this blog mostly for myself and while I’m thrilled to have so many followers, I’m sure they don’t read every blog I’ve written, and I don’t expect them to (unless they’re off work due to a broken leg; then they’d have time to read all the blogs they wanted).

  24. I love this post and couldn’t agree more with everything that you have said.
    I’m glad I found your blog and I love your mix of Parkinson’s disease and birds. 🙂

  25. Julie–I cannot believe you find the time to read and comment on my stuff as much as you do! Really appreciate your support and comments so much–but would certainly understand if you didn’t comment on (or even read) everything…

  26. dogdaz says:

    So my life! I am so far behind that I can only do a read maybe once a week. But don’t want to disconnect from many new friends. How do people do it?

  27. hotlyspiced says:

    Blogging can sometimes seem like a huge workload but last week I was unable to post for a number of reasons and I didn’t realise how much I missed the process. It’s true that blogging does become a part of you and I can’t imagine walking away from it xx

  28. Random fact: Every time I see your user name, I call you Jim in my head. I know it’s Julie from your blog, but I’m stuck! 🙂

  29. diannegray says:

    No guilt here – I just read what I want to read and comment when i want to comment. I find it hard to keep up with daily posts because I only come in here twice a week and it seems like I’ve missed out on a lot 😦 I don’t look at the stats because I never get around to going to that page (there’s too many other things to do 😉

  30. Susan says:

    It’s easy…I only follow one blog…yours!

  31. sbcallahan says:

    we are your friends so we want you to take care of yourself.

  32. Life is too short to stress about such things, so you’ve made a good decision.

  33. Sending you a virtual hug. Sometimes you have to step away from the computer. If that causes people to stop following you, so be it. Blog on. I like your ‘tude!

  34. I don’t try to keep up with all of the blogs that I follow, all of the time. I read what I can and comment when I can, but you cant be plugged in continuously. I think other bloggers understand that too.

  35. Barb says:

    This is such a quandary. The first thing I did was cut back on writing posts. The second thing was cut back in making comments. I once added it up and discovered I was spending 20 hours a week on blogging activities. This shocked me. How many lives coulld I be touching by stepping away from the computer and helping a kid read, mending library books, mentoring lagging students on writing, or helping others find scholarships and fill out applications for colleges.
    It made such a difference in my life (I hope in other, too) to step away from the keyboard. Like your other wonderful commenters have stated….I can only hope that others understand.

  36. niasunset says:

    It is really not easy to catch the posts, and following the blogs… Every day I find so many notifications in my mail box. Yes, I try to visit the blogs of my friends but to be honest I can’t reply their comments on my blog… This is so sad… But I think we are all in same situation and so we can understand each other. Thank you dear Julie, a big hugs and love to you, nia

  37. dcwisdom says:

    Blogging is my preferred method of mass communication to friends and family. If I make a few cyber friends along the way, great! and I’m glad you’re one of them! There aren’t many people I follow just because of time, but your journey and mine are similar with PPD. Too, I enjoy the words you choose to communicate your stories and enjoy your perspective. Plus, your quirky life in Aussieland is worth the read! 🙂

  38. Finn Holding says:

    Sweetly put Julie. You’ve neatly articulated what every blogger is thinking:

    “Too many blogs, too many follows, just not enough time.”

    And the key, as you say, is to not feel guilty about missing posts, but to read those you treasure as and when you’re able. And if someone takes umbrage because you miss one it’s their problem, not yours!

  39. I set up a separate email address for my blog comments so they do not overrun my normal emails. However, I actually do not reply via my emails. I always make comments via my reader or going into the notifications section on my blog. Lately I have been really busy and I have only been doing that once or twice a week, and only posting once a week. i hope to find more time over the next few months. I love keeping in touch though. I feel my blogging friends are my real friends too 🙂
    Cyber hugs to you oooooo

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