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Bicycling beginnings!

on February 17, 2013

I have now figured out the gears and settings of my new bicycle and tomorrow will be Day 1. I’m going to record my progress on the blog (nothing like blogging to keep a person honest!) for 5 days.

33 responses to “Bicycling beginnings!

  1. shoreacres says:

    Oh, huzzah! Hooray! I’d missed the bicycle, but have been thinking of one for myself, and will follow your progress with interest. I always loved my bicycles. Now, the problem is traffic, but if I don’t mind confining myself a bit, I might be able to get back in the habit.

  2. Good luck – keep your petal to the metal

  3. FlaHam says:

    Julies, I await with baited breath these daily reports. By day 5 I want to hear how Gutsy is riding the handlebars as you paddle about. — BE SAFE Bill

  4. Great. Looking forward to hearing how you do. Just don,t overdo it.

  5. bulldog says:

    Don’t fall off….

  6. As I recall you used to cycle from your parents place to Inna’s place everyday, no?

  7. Wow! You figured out the gears? I ride my bike a lot, and I still don’t know what the gears do. I just keep moving them around until it’s easier to pedal.

  8. tootlepedal says:

    You need a spreadsheet to record average speed, calories consumed, height gained and lost, crashes, miles eaten etc etc. Good luck.

  9. victoriaaphotography says:

    Good luck with the bicycling.
    As you say nothing like a blog to keep you honest. In fact that’s the best way to get anything done. Just mention it on your blog and you’ll feel compelled to follow through (in case followers ask how it’s going).

  10. jensine says:

    please show us your helmet and bruises 🙂

  11. Hope there aren’t too many gears to worry about…take care..Diane

  12. Go Julie! We’ll cheer you on! Margie

  13. janeslog says:

    I learned to ride a two-wheeled bicycle in a village called Lochranza on the Isle of Arran, off the west of coast of Scotland. I was 4 years old. I still remember it. The road to my house was not tarred, as it was on the opposite of the loch, so I think it was quite an achievement

  14. Judith Post says:

    Every time I see Gutsy, he’s more adorable. And now he’s going to have wheels? What a spoiled bird…but can’t blame you. You’ll make a great chauffeur.

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