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An argument with my mother’s bicycle

My mother has now been in hospital for 12 days since falling off her bicycle and fracturing her pelvis in two places and her wrist in three places. She will be in hospital for at least another week – maybe more.

I want to go back to the moment my mother got onto her bicycle and I want to yell NO! After all, she’s 78, and had only just recovered from a hip fracture from a fall just before Christmas.

But I can’t go back and stop her from getting onto that bicycle. Instead she and I are going forward, step by step, to recovery. It has been 12 days of pain for my mother, stress for me, and hatred for that bicycle.

Good news: My mother no longer minds being blogged about and says thank you to those who wished her well. I echo this.

Bad news: Tomorrow I am going to stop arguing with my mother’s bicycle and simply smash it up!


Bicycling beginnings!

I have now figured out the gears and settings of my new bicycle and tomorrow will be Day 1. I’m going to record my progress on the blog (nothing like blogging to keep a person honest!) for 5 days.


Getting fit!


Today I began my new exercise routine with my exciting new bike!

I may have overdone it a bit; I went all the way to the end of the driveway and back – ha!

Tomorrow I will get beyond the driveway – definitely.

It is a bit of an unusual kind of bike and I’m not sure if Tootlepedal will approve. We’ll see!