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on March 12, 2013

In 1959, Anthony turned 23, had his first relationship with a woman, his father died, and, across the other side of Australia, I was born.

I had my first relationship with a man (Anthony) when I was 23.

My father died at the age of 58. Ming was born when Anthony was 58.

Ming and I both have a parent who is 77 (Anthony and my mother).

I was 19 when my father died. Ming is 19 now and his father is dying.

Coincidences can be interesting, but they can also be cruel.

32 responses to “Coincidences

  1. They can. My mother and I have a lot of things that happen at coincident ages. A but bittersweet.

  2. Oops, BIT bittersweet!

  3. Anonymous says:

    Somewhere in the greater cosmic conciousness is a meaning to it all, something less arbitrary. One day you may find it.

  4. Life is full of coincidences and blessings. We must learn from them all.

  5. dcwisdom says:

    Almost a little spooky, eh? Yes, there are strange(r) things in life.

  6. lucewriter says:

    There are some good comments above. I can’t really add anything except that I am another listener.

  7. Kozo says:

    All these numbers add up to we are all One which is never cruel. {{{hugs}}} to you, Julie.

  8. bulldog says:

    Josh Julie… too many coincidences can be misinterpreted… Ming’s father will not die while hes 19

  9. victoriaaphotography says:

    Life is strange………….stranger than fiction………. so they say.

    My Father is 3 years younger than my Mother, and I have been out with several men 3 years younger than myself, (when I was younger).

    You losing your Father when you were 19 doesn’t mean Ming will lose his Father when he is 19.

    There are more coincidences around us than we know.

    There are many differences surrounding us too.

    May I suggest the differences are more important, but try not to spend too much time thinking about either – takes up too much emotional energy I’ve discovered.


  10. Wow that is a tad bit eerie…

  11. Jules I am sending you huge hugs, you need them and even if you don’t, they are coming at you anyway.:)

  12. Robyn Lee says:

    That is really a lot of interesting coincidences isn’t it? Wow… so much love Julie ~ xo

  13. I was born on my mother’s birthday when she was 27 and our ages always add up the same (eg, when she was 35, 3 +5 =8, my age at the time was 8). In ’81, she who was born in ’27 was aged 54, and I who was born in ’54 was aged 27. Together both our ages 27 + 54 and the years of our births ’54 + ’27 added up to the year ’81.
    I was fascinated to read of similar coincidences for you 🙂

  14. Judith Post says:

    This feels like more than irony. Numbers can carry weight and almost feel like destiny. The similarities can help you understand Ming’s feelings, though. That has to be one plus.

  15. viveka says:

    …. that is just how life is … and numbers are suppose to add up in our lives. Very interesting to read your equations even if it has a little sad undertone. Hugs from a snow white Sweden.

  16. I love these kind of coincidences (like Kennedy/Lincoln), but they’re more fun when you don’t know the people involved 😦

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