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I can’t wait to be 55!

on April 12, 2013

For the whole of last year, I thought I was 54 and that I would turn 55 in January this year. I was really excited about turning 55 so it was a terrible disappointment to find that I was still 54 (I got the maths wrong).

So this year, now that I know I really am 54, I am counting the days before I can turn 55. As of today I have 267 days to wait and it’s hard to be patient.

I don’t want to be 55 because I have an OCD or spiritual connection to the number 55 – oh no. And I don’t want to be 55 so I can feel comfortable about going from size 12 to 14 in jeans, because I already did that this week. Turning 55 may help me to embrace the smile lines I seem to have suddenly developed, I suppose, but it’s not that either.

Okay, I will tell you why I want so much to be 55. No, wait a minute – let’s make this a guessing game. I could do with a bit of fun!

Why do I want so much to be 55? The best guess will receive a free wrinkle.

96 responses to “I can’t wait to be 55!

  1. Senior menu at Denny’s. 🙂

  2. I got it!!!!! You want to be fifty-five because then you will be LV = Roman numeral for 55. But… drum roll… it’s an abbreviation for what I feel for you = LOVE.

    Paulette 🙂

  3. Hum, is that how old Anthony was when he married you? Proposed to you? I’m on to something, ain’t I? I’m trying to do the math, but it’s late here. 🙂

  4. Will you get a pension? Age is all relative. I’d love to be 55 again.

  5. Eligible for superannuation?!

  6. Eligible for superannuation is my guess!!

  7. Because, like me, you love round numbers; and this is also a symmetrical round number. Bonus 😀

  8. janeslog says:

    I will go for Roman numerals LV.

    Physical age is not that important as people age at different rates depending on how they look after themselves. In my office there are two women about 60. One runs marathons, cycles and climbs up mountains in the UK, Europe and this year is tackling Mt Kilimanjaro.

    The other is grossly obese and already has had one hip and two knees replaced. She also gets mobility allowance and other benefits because she is so fat. She has cost the NHS thousands of pounds because she cannot control her eating.

    The first one looks about 40 and the other one about 80. Age does not matter – it’s the age you look which matters.

  9. bulldog says:

    You will get senior discounts… !!

  10. I was going to say the same as Perfecting Motherhood, so I will offer a different suggestion… Is it because 5 is your favourite number?

  11. LOL. There must be something about turning 54. I got the maths wrong the year I turned 54, I thought I turned 53. It wasn’t until I turned 55 that my husband told me and I felt cheated out of a year. 🙂

  12. I can’t guess! I don’t have room for another wrinkle!

  13. You can’t really wish that you were older? so it must be a benefit – superannuation plus a bus pass!!!

  14. victoriaaphotography says:

    Can’t remember exactly (but that’s because I’m 59 and my memory is going), but I think it is how old Anthony was when you married him?

  15. I’m right behind you – pushing 51. Yikes. Wish I could find out that I’m really 49.

  16. Not a stinkin’ clue!

  17. You will be ‘less’ younger than ‘Ants’ than you are at 54 ….silly..just don’t have a clue….Diane

  18. Anonymous says:

    I am not guessing because I don’t want a free new wrinkle, I am cultivating those on my own thank you very much so I don’t need any additional freebies. hee, hee. It probably has something to do with either your mom or Anthony and their experience when they were 55. I am just throwing my thought out there to see whether or not it sticks. It is not a guess. No wrinkle for me!

  19. catchatcaren says:

    I’m 57……trust me….55 isn’t all that exciting 🙂

  20. terry1954 says:

    I am guessing you get some kind of extra benefit at 55?

  21. some places think you are a senior at 55 and you get discounts; my thought is that you are not really a senior until you are 80–then you should be revered and toasted and given roses

  22. tootlepedal says:

    There’s nothing special about these young birthdays like 55 or 56, you should be aiming for 69 or 70. That’s when you acquire wisdom and gravitas and respect and ……. well perhaps there is something to be said for being 55.

  23. dcwisdom says:

    No thanks for the ‘free’ wrinkle. Because 55 is just cool! You’re not too old or too young. You’re just right! You are just right, girl! 🙂

  24. Three theories:

    1. You were at a loss for blog topics
    2. This was the uniform number when you played football
    3. You want to see what outlandish guesses your readers will come up with, so you can use that for future blog topics.

  25. lucewriter says:

    I don’t know. I thought I was going to get discounts on things when I turned 55, but I haven’t gotten one bloody thing since then–and it’s been 2 years!!!

  26. FlaHam says:

    Julie, I hate being the last one to the party, all the good guesses have long been taken, all the silly ones have been said, and all the others easily ignored. 55 was the magic number for me because it was when I could retire without penalty, and it was also my number when I played football. But I suspect for you 55 is the number of peacocks you have raised, or the number of fence posts around the yard. Or maybe it the number of checks you can write before you need to order additional checks. Heck it could be the number of size 12 jeans you have in the closet your still trying to figure out what to do with. Honestly I don’t friggin know what 55 means to you, I am guessing just like everyone else. LOL LOL LOL, But no matter enjoy it when it arrives. Take care, Bill

  27. janechese says:

    55- some restaurants give senior’s discounts at that age. I just ignore the senior bit and go for the smaller portions and discount.You can keep the free wrinkle , I have plenty of my own.I just turned 59 so plan on a party next year. 🙂

  28. Robyn Lee says:

    I am holding out ~ no way could guess the right answer after all these good attempts 🙂 xr

  29. Trisha says:

    I’m glad someone already guessed the answer because I don’t want the free wrinkle!

  30. Kozo says:

    Ok, Julie, In the same way, you didn’t know what Denny’s was, I don’t know what superannuation is. Sounds like a special extra birthday party or something nasty with the backside. You better tell me before my imagination runs wild. {{{hugs]}} Kozo

    • jmgoyder says:

      It’s a fund that employer and employee contribute to when employed. I worked for the local university for nearly 20 years so it’s like a nest egg!

  31. Free bus pass? (We covet them here)

  32. viveka says:

    You can both smoke and buy alcohol … and you are old enough to do what ever you want .. and don’t have to worry what the rest of the world things *laughing … don’t have a clue to be honest.
    And I tell, you girl friend … age matters – but the best thing is that we are young at heart, because we are so old as our hearts are. You don’t have pay .. something anymore .. national insurance maybe ?????

  33. So I guess it is because you can start drawing your super at age 55. That was my aim as well, and then the accountant advised me to hang out until age 60 because the tax differences between drawing out between age 55-59; and drawing out from age 60 are huge. So here I am at age 59 and still waiting one more year…..

  34. bluebee says:

    You can sign up with APIA for cheaper insurance, haha.

  35. WordsFallFromMyEyes says:

    By 55, you’ve gotta KNOW you’re alive….!

  36. Lynda says:

    I haven’t a clue… but here is my guess!

    55 is 20,775 days.
    If you add the digits (2+0+7+7+5) you get 21.
    So 55 is code for being 21 again! (???)

    (I’m going to be 60 this month, so if I am correct, then please don’t send me another wrinkle!)

    • jmgoyder says:

      I am sending you two virtual wrinkles for giving me three trying to do your maths!

      • Lynda says:

        Well CRAP!

        Oh, sorry… but really, I triple checked my work when I came up with this number and it came out the same each time. I have NO IDEA what I did wrong to get 20,775, but whatever it was I did it three times in a row in my effort to not look like an idiot.

        Well, even if I am not a mathematician, at least I can claim that I am consistent.

  37. cecilia says:

    Goodness, I have enjoyed reading all your readers suggestions, it surely cannot be Super.. it must be that 55 looks pretty. And I had to laugh about you getting your age wrong, my kids gave me a surprise 40th birthday party when I was 39! and i could not say anything, thankfully they have tons of short term memory loss and are no good at maths so i have been able to smudge my age ever since. i never have been that good at numbers. At the dentist a while ago the woman looked at me with her pen raised and said Age? Usually they only ask for the birth date so i stood with a stupid look on my face and honestly said. “I can’t remember. What year is it?” You may well laugh, but I am still traumatised! c

  38. adinparadise says:

    Oh boy! Fifty-five sounds so young to me. I’ve started counting backwards. 🙂

  39. I embraced 50 and starting blogging about it. I am now 52 and although I feel much younger, I have to admit I am a little terrified of how quickly my birthdays creep up on me. i try to find some kind of joy in every day I live……….in hopes of slowing things down!

  40. tersiaburger says:

    Sorry dear friend – I am going to pop your bubble. You will have to wait a little longer because 60 is the new 40…. A colleague invited us to her husbands BIG 40th party…all the banners were up, balloons etc when they worked out it was only his 39th birthday….after the guests had arrived with 40th cards and gifts…. Gifts were in the line of walking sticks, wheelchairs etc….

  41. When I turn 55 I can get my discount at Ross Stores……

  42. Over here you would start getting senior discounts!

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