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Small joys

on July 8, 2013

Tiny moccasins for my soon-to-be-born niece
Anthony kissing my hand today as if I were royalty
The new kitchen sink plug that makes it possible to wash the dishes in less of a rush
My new red boots
Getting the stupid lawn mower fixed finally
Choosing Lino and blinds for Ming’s shed
Watching Judge Judy with Ants (he loves her!)
The baby kookaburra I saw yesterday
Accepting what is

DSCN1832 (2)

30 responses to “Small joys

  1. Debbie says:

    That is so very sweet. The attitude of gratitude lightens our loads, doesn’t it. Glad to see you back, my friend across the waves… 🙂

  2. Each one small but perfect and all add up to great pleasure we hope.

  3. Vicki (from Victoria A Photography) says:

    Small Joys bring the biggest Pleasure.

  4. The ‘little’ things in life that we just take for granted sometimes… Diane

  5. Ha! I can see why Anthony likes Judge Judy – she’s direct and doesn’t mince her words! Congrats on almost being a new aunt Queen Julie.


  6. Aah… I was wondering how Ming’s shed was coming along. Has he moved in yet?
    PS. “accepting what is” is the greatest of advice

  7. Do we get to see pics of Ming’s shed eventually?

  8. Robyn Lee says:

    Lovely Julie ! Missed you – so seeing you post again … another small pleasure 🙂 x RL

  9. Your small joys all add up to a lot of beauty!

  10. Terry says:

    Hey, I love Judge Judy too!!!!!

  11. Thank you. Reading this was one of my small joys. 🙂

  12. tootlepedal says:

    There is no place for lawn mower abuse on the internet, Julie. I hope we are going to get a picture of the new red boots too.

  13. janeslog says:

    Sounds like everything is going well for you at the moment.

    We’re happy here in Scotland with Andy being first Scottish winner of men’s singles at Wimbledon. It’s also very warm in Glasgow at 25C, so that will do me.

    We’re both happy.

  14. That was so sweet and joyous Jules! You put a smile on my face 🙂

  15. Riba says:

    Oh, big sweetness, Julie! 🙂

  16. I need to remember to count the small pleasures more often too.

  17. i would add… seeing a new post from a dear friend:)

  18. FlaHam says:

    Julie, Thank you, soft smile, yes it is the little things, they become more and more important. Take care, Bill

  19. bluebee says:

    Small pleasures are really the best – and often so surprising

  20. Lovely. I need to make a list like that.

  21. Lynda says:

    Thank you for my big smile and a gladdened heart this morning. I love it when you find respite, Julie, even in the small things. They do add up. xo

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