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Calm before the storm?

on November 14, 2013

Today Ming was charged with a crime (related to the car accident four weeks ago) and the case will be dealt with in court in the next month or so. After the police station, he and I went to the criminal lawyer recommended and we were given some very good advice. It has been a day full of expected shocks and unexpected shocks, like the possibility of jail, but Ming is okay with whatever punishment he receives for this stupid mistake in judgement. He is more concerned for the children who were injured in the accident and so am I.

It doesn’t bode well for Ming but neither of us care about that because it is nothing compared to the mix of relief and anxiety about all of the children’s recoveries and healing, especially my girl still in hospital, and my boy having to bend his leg for the first time tomorrow, and for the friend whose broken arm got infected, and to my two girls who are still in neck braces.

The fact that none of the families have laid blame on Ming has been a wonderful thing but that is irrelevant to the case and to our concern for the kids. I already loved those children but, until now, I didn’t know how much and it is up to the sky and beyond.

I hope that this temporary calm will make the inevitable storm more manageable for all of my family and us but obviously we will have to all wait and see in different ways.

27 responses to “Calm before the storm?

  1. I’m glad everyone is healing. What a journey this has been. Best wishes to you and Ming, and all of the children.

  2. Hope all punishments are reasonable as he has paid dearly already.

  3. my heart goes out to you and Ming and all your nephews and nieces–I am so sorry you are going through this–you guys are strong but I am throwing in a prayer or two or three for all of you

  4. My dear Julie and Ming, my prayers are with you. I am so glad you have the support of your family.

  5. My heart and thoughts are with you and Ming, I’m am so grateful that your nieces and nephews are on the mend, that is the silver lining in all of this storminess. Hugs Jules, you are a pillar of strength.

  6. It must feel daunting to think about what is going to happen. I have some idea because of something that happened many years ago and while I tried not to let my mind go wild with all the possibilities… it did anyway. However I do pray for peace to envelop you….You and Ming will of course be in my thoughts and prayers….Diane

  7. My thoughts and prayers are with you and Ming and the families that were hurt. Tell Ming I’m proud of him. It takes a good man to stand up and make himself accountable. Mistakes happen, we all make them, but few take responsibility!

  8. elizabeth says:

    Praying for you all Julie. Hang in there, one day everyone will be well and healthy again, and all of this pain will be a distant memory. (((Love and Hugs)))

  9. So sorry to hear that, Julie. What a hard lesson for all to learn.

  10. I hope it ends better than the fears and that grace rules. So hard.

  11. It is one’s response in troubled times that set the best apart from the rest, and you definitely belong with the ‘best’.

  12. Vicki (from Victoria A Photography) says:

    I’ll be sorry if Ming does get a jail sentence as I’m sure that the emotional trauma is more than enough punishment, but one has to respect the justice system.

    I know everyone concerned has learned the lessons, but it is still not easy to go through the court system.

    I hope that for you & Ming, the coming days pass quickly and you’re able to move on. Vicki xx

  13. ksbeth says:

    my thoughts are with you both. sadly, i think he’s been punished enough with his feelings and heart being so remorseful after the incident. i think that it is wonderful the way that you’ve all supported and not blamed each other

  14. tootlepedal says:

    I hope the good advice works out well.

  15. tersiaburger says:

    Oh my friend what a horrific time you are living through. Poor, brave Ming. Please give him a hug from me. He is a wonderful young man. You must be so proud of the mature and responsible way he is handling all of this. A true warrior. Much love. xxx

  16. Terry says:

    Jail? Oh no way, that can’t happen? It was an accident

  17. Holding you in my heart that the calm does make any storms manageable and even better praying that the storm passes uneventfully. Healing thoughts to you and your whole family will continue. Your friend, Paulette

  18. Thinking of you and Ming, Julie. Hoping the time until the court passes quickly, and inspired by your beautiful calm..

  19. mrs fringe says:

    Sending continued thoughts of healing, peace, and strength for all of you.

  20. dcwisdom says:

    My nephew was in a similar accident, him driving and ejected from the vehicle while his rider sustained serious injuries and had a long recovery. Yes, it was one of the hardest times my sister and family went through, including the law suit, but years later, we can say that all is well. Praying sustaining prayers for you and Ming.

  21. FlaHam says:

    Julie, Again I am truly sorry for what your family as gone thru with this tragic accident. But I will say the nicest thing I have read is that the family is not blaming Ming, and are supporting him. Ming acknowledgement and willingness to face the consequences of his actions says tons about his character. I know in time it will all heal, and I hope and pray that beyond what Ming has already paid (and that’s a ton) that whatever other penalties are minimal. Please take care, BIll

  22. janechese says:

    It won’t be easy but I believe you will all get through it.Thinking of all of you in prayer.

  23. Yes it must be a terrible time for all concerned and there is nothing the law can do that will make it all better, it was a terrible accident the key word here is “accident”. I have no doubt that Ming is feeling terrible and if he could undo what the accident he would, I just hope that the law is not to hard on him.

  24. Trisha says:

    Oh dear. It seems Ming has probably been punished enough, seeing his cousins injured like that. I hope the verdict isn’t too harsh.

  25. Sending healing thoughts and positive energy to all. Amazing how life becomes so altered in a blink of an eye.

  26. Sad beyond words for everyones heartbreak.

  27. Judith Post says:

    This really saddened me. I like your Ming so much. The accident was horrible enough. I’m so proud of Ming–the way he’s facing things.

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