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Rowing the boat!

on October 10, 2014

My mother’s 80th birthday is happening soon!
We are all going on a boat cruise lunchy thing in a few weeks.

Over twenty of us –
That’s my two brothers and me,
our spouses,
plus all of our kids,
plus my nephew’s wife,
and my niece’s husband,
one newish grandkid (very special),
the boys’ girlfriends, the girls’ boyfriends,
someone who knows how to row the boat!

Idiotically (I am not the least bit art-and-crafty) I suggested putting together a book for ‘Grandma’. I solicited quotes and photos from all grandchildren, very successfully, and now I am covered in glue and ink, and know the difference between a portrait and a landscape photograph.

Ming came into my writing room tonight to find the recent neat-and-tidiness chaotic with the ‘casualty’ photos all over the floor.

Me: I love doing this, Ming! Grandma is going to be thrilled!

Ming (backing away cautiously): Mum, I’m on my way out, okay? I’m not interested in whatever you are doing here because it just looks like a mess to me. Bye!

Anyway, I am having a huge amount of fun with the Grandma book and it is comforting to know that if that boat-cruisy boat falters, Grandma will probably row us back to shore ….


46 responses to “Rowing the boat!

  1. Amy says:

    She is beautiful!

  2. Your mother is beautiful! I see you in her face and her smile πŸ˜€ Someone should be doing push-ups to train for the rowing lol

  3. letstalkaboutfamily says:

    Wonderful idea! I did something similar my my parent’s but I had to do it by mail since we were thousands of miles apart. I wrote all their friends and cousins and asked for memories and then sent them an empty scrapbook with plastic pages to put it all in. They were surprised and i still have the books over 15 years later.

  4. What a fabulous photo of your beautiful mom — and yeah for you and your un-art and craftiness creating a wonderful book for her! See! You’re craftier than you think! πŸ™‚

  5. They say we don’t choose the face we’re born with, but we choose the face we grow old with. Looks like your mom is a positive person who looks for the good in life – what a great shot of her being happy!

    Happy 80th to your mum!

    Diana xo

  6. bulldog says:

    Apart from Mom looking beautiful… she looks tough… does she still rule the roost…

  7. says:

    Oh this photo! I actually hate this one! M xx

  8. Your Ma looks fit enough to rescue you all.

  9. Judy says:

    I think a “scrapbook” is a fantastic idea! Just throwing out another fun one. When my parents took us all on a cruise for their 50th anniversary, I got inexpensive T-shirts for everyone on the trip. The shirts had my parents’ picture and announced: We’re cruising to celebrate _____’s anniversary!). It made us all feel like one unit and the pictures we took wearing the shirts were fun to look at.
    Ming sounds exactly like one of my kids. They just aren’t old enough to be sentimental yet! So glad you have something fun to look forward to. Bon Voyage!

  10. susanpoozan says:

    What a great idea, I am sure that she will be thrilled.

  11. Such a great idea… (in case no one can row the boat.. remember the life jackets!) Diane

  12. Terry says:

    What a lovely idea. It sounds wonderul

  13. ksbeth says:

    how wonderful, grandma will love it so much and happy birthday to her )

  14. tootlepedal says:

    Send her our best wishes.

  15. Lovely lady, and a very happy birthday to her. My MiL took us all on a week’s Rhine cruise for her 100th birthday. It was great fun. πŸ™‚

  16. I am very good at arts and crafts…………..well in my dreams I am…………….not so much in real life I kind of just make a mess that looks like it was done by a 5yr old…………………lol

  17. Trisha says:

    How wonderful! The photo, the thoughtful gift you’re making and the fun way your family is going to celebrate your mom’s birthday – they’re all wonderful!

  18. Happy Almost Birthday to your MUM!!!!!!!!! πŸ™‚

  19. She’s a beauty. Have a great day. Sounds like so much fun.

  20. Vicki says:

    What a wonderful way to celebrate your Mum’s 80th……and I can well imagine her rowing to shore (having heard how fit and lively she is).
    I love the idea of the book too. Something to read and re-read over & over as an ongoing memory.

    (and once again, her facial shape is so much like my Mother and her Tasmanian ancestors, it’s spooky).

  21. Tiny says:

    How lovely! She will be trilled! And row you all back to shore, if need be πŸ™‚

  22. Rhonda says:

    It’s a wonderful idea and I’m sure she’ll always treasure it! You favor her Jules…she’s just lovely.

  23. elizabeth says:

    How wonderful! You are blessed beyond measure Jules. xx

  24. lensgirl53 says:

    Happy Birthday to a lovely, pretty lady…and of course, mother of lovely, pretty, Julie!! πŸ™‚

  25. What a delight, and your mum looks fabulous!

  26. What a wonderful way to celebrate your beautiful Mom’s 80th and her photo is lovely! My Dad turned 95 today (he still drives and is in good health), so it’s important to celebrate each new year of life. πŸ™‚ I love the book idea, too!

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