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Goodbye to a special person

on July 31, 2015

This post is to say goodbye and thank you to A, a wonderful carer at the nursing home. His last day is Sunday and I am trying to think of a gift to give him. He had such a wonderful rapport with residents, including Anthony of course who he called ‘Tones’. I/we will miss him so much.

It is so hard when people, who Anthony and I have gotten to know so well, disappear, move away, get different jobs, go to greener pastures etc.

A was a particularly special person with a fantastic sense of humour and he shocked me once by saying I was the exact same age as his mother!

When I was working in the dementia cottage, A would come to do the medications and several of the women would be enthralled by his presence.

Anyway, A, I wish you and yours a huge amount of luck and love and thank you, from the bottom to top of my heart, for your kindness to Anthony and me.

12 responses to “Goodbye to a special person

  1. What a shame to lose A but at least you had him for all this time. Good luck A, wherever you’re going.

  2. I hope his replacement will be someone with similar qualities. It’s really hard for older people to have changes like this, especially with dementia. Good luck to you and Anthony in the transition.

  3. KDKH says:

    Many of my friends are much younger than me, and I always hate it when they learn my true age. Inevitably, they are shocked and then begin to compare me to their mothers. Ack! I find it a bit distressing, because I am not their mothers! I hope that Ants doesn’t get distressed over this young man’s departure. Good luck to you all.

  4. Colline says:

    It is always sad to see people such as these leave our lives. I always console myself by believing they are moving on to help others.

  5. How about a small angel figurine to remind him that you and Ants will keep him in a special place in your hearts? Just a thought. xo

  6. What a lovely tribute to someone who obviously touched your hearts deeply.


  7. Terry says:

    People wander into our lives for reasons. I don’t know the reason for this fine man, but you will always have fond memories of him. Hugs

  8. susanpoozan says:

    What a wonderful person. How you will miss him. Just give thanks for the time he was at the home.

  9. aFrankAngle says:

    Cheers to people like A who have the gift of making a difficult time easier for others.

  10. God bless the “A”s in our world Julie.

  11. The world needs more A’s Julie! ❤
    Diana xo

  12. Yes it is sad when a someone we know and who does such a great job moves on

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