wings and things

The beautiful dream

I have different versions of the same dream about once a week (I mean a sleeping dream, not a goal-ridden dream).

Okay, so, in the dream, Anthony and I, and sometimes Ming, have travelled a few hours from home to reach a destination that is either a wedding, or a party, or something like that.

We arrive and check into a beautiful room and while Anthony checks if the TV is working, I go to check out the bathroom and am suddenly jolted with hot/cold shock.

I have forgotten to bring his pills! These Parkinson’s disease pills need to be taken every few hours and at exact times and, if not, he will be paralysed, unable to walk, function normally, speak properly etc.

In the next bit of the dream, Ants and I are in a big room full of all of our wonderful friends and relatives and Anthony is lagging and very tired. I see that I need to get him up to our room and to bed and someone brings a walker or a wheelchair. I am panicked that I don’t have the pills to get Anthony mobile and I ask everyone to help me get him into the car so I can take him back to the farm where the pills are.

Then, all of a sudden, Anthony stands up, walks, laughs loudly, brushes off everybody’s worries and he and I go to our room. Then he and I go to bed, blanket ourselves in sleep until I wake up and panic because it’s 7am and he needs his PD pills!

But he is okay! In all of the different versions of this recurring dream, Anthony is always okay and we both laugh about how silly we were to panic about the pills.

And then I wake up.

It’s a beautiful dream.


The Good Wife

The Good Wife is an American television series that began in 2009 and is still going!

Now that Anthony and I have finished watching the British version of House of Cards, I decided to go shopping for something just as lengthy and discovered a box set of umpteen episodes of The Good Wife so I bought it.

It’s a great genre for Ants – legal drama, no blood, attractive actors of both genders, recognisable characters … ah and that’s where it gets interesting.

Okay, so we are into around our fifth episode of Season 1 of The Good Wife and there is a scene that triggers a memory for Anthony. He says something so I hit the pause button:

Me: What did you say?

Anthony: She used to be married to Alf.

Me: Who? You mean her? (pointing to the frozen screen of the television where the main actor in The Good Wife is smiling).

Anthony: Yes!

Me: Ants, we are watching TV!

Anthony: But I remember her and she was with Alf.

Me: Alf just got married two days ago but not to her.

Anthony: My mistake (sheepish grin). But can you just get the dogs out of the room?

Me: You’re hallucinating, Ants. There are no dogs in the room – it’s just you and me.

Anthony: I believe you but they’re still there.

Me: (giving him a hug) I have never loved you as much as I love you now, Ants.

Anthony: You’re a good wife.

Me: I agree – so can we keep watching our series?