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on November 22, 2015

Yesterday, I arrived at the nursing home much later than usual (around 5pm) because I was going to a 21st. Anthony was eating his evening meal and much more alert than I expected him to be. Sometimes he is unable to even form a word, let alone a sentence, especially late in the day. But he is good at surprising me!

Anthony: Where have you been?
Me: Oh you know, busy.
Anthony: Well, you’re here now.
Me: Not for long. I’m going to a 21st!
Anthony: Whose?
Me: G’s, you remember G?
Anthony: Am I invited?
Me: Of course but I don’t think you’re well enough.
Anthony: Rubbish!

I helped him with his meal while we watched the news.

Anthony: Well you better go then.
Me: What? I don’t have to go yet. Don’t get huffy with me, boy! I spend a lot of time with you, almost every single day, and when I’m not with you I miss you. I’m doing my best, Ants!

And then Anthony came out with such an eloquently profound statement it almost took my breath away… but I am developing quicker reflexes.

Anthony: Well, compared to the time I’d like you to be with me, you’re not with me at all.
Me: Oh shut up, you silly old fool!

Then I hugged and kissed him and, as soon as he smiled, I left for the party.


When I look at these wedding photos, recently dug up, I feel amazed that we still have that same joy, regardless of the circumstances. And I feel a constant sense of surprise!

15 responses to “Surprise

  1. That was very sweet of him to say!

  2. Yvonne says:

    I like how you can be so cheeky with Anthony. I think he enjoys it too!

  3. susanpoozan says:

    What a wonderful moment, one to be treasured.

  4. You have truly been blessed with a love that lasts, Julie. May you continue to savor it…

  5. I love that Anthony is NOT letting his disease control who he is.

  6. Ann Koplow says:

    I’m never surprised by how wonderful you are, Julie.

  7. Lisa Rest says:

    You both bring truth to the adage “love conquers all.” I’m loving the wedding photos too.

  8. ksbeth says:

    how wonderful that you both still find the joy and surprise in each other, though the circumstances may be different, some things never go away.

  9. tonight the BBC programme Countryfile, had a very interesting piece about a lady who started a care facility – day care I think, that is especially for farmers and other outdoor people who have developed PD or dementia. they were show grooming animals and apparently it is having a very beneficial effect. I know it is too far away but if you can access the film , it might be of interest to you. hugs B

  10. Vicki says:

    Love these moments of surprise and Anthony’s lucidity you share with us.

    So beautiful to know that your marriage still has these moments of sharing and devotion. Yours must be one of the most beautiful and enduring love affairs I have ever read about.


  11. tootlepedal says:

    Now you’ve got me sighing.

  12. This is because you love each other PD doesn’t take that away from you

  13. Tiny says:

    That was just plain wonderful!

  14. that true joy in your love is what gets you through something as devastating as this disease. sending love and hugs

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