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If the shoe doesn’t fit

on April 19, 2016

When we first entered the nursing home world, Anthony had a pair of lovely R@M Williams boots, which he loved wearing, and some ugg boots for the winter. The former boots were almost impossible to get on and the ugg boots were impractical in the summer. So I was asked to get him some velcro slippers – the kind that can be undone at the front and back for easy fitting. So far he has now gone through three pairs of these and last week I found the final pair in a bag labelled “Unsafe”.

After talking to a couple of the occupational therapy staff, it was suggested that I get him running shoes that have more support in the heel area. This is because Anthony’s feet, especially his heels, were slipping inside the slippers and this was making it difficult for staff to get him up to transfer to the shower or to walk etc. His feet won’t do what he wants them to do and one of them in particular just keeps kind of folding in on itself.

So, after several days of looking for suitable shoes and bringing two pairs in (neither of which were suitable) I have decided that I will have to fork out the $189 for the homipeds. In the meantime he is in his ugg boots.

One of the carers and I tried to get my recent shoe purchase onto Anthony’s feet today and it was absolutely impossible, so tomorrow I will go and get those homipeds and hope for the best.

Me: Ants, I have some different shoes and they’re two sizes too big so I should be able to get them on.


Me: Just push your foot in!


ME: You’re not even trying, Ants!

Anthony: Yes I am.

Me: Argh – this is ridiculous. Here’s the shoe and here’s your foot and it’s a perfect match. OMG I am sweating! Okay, let’s try the other foot.


Anthony: You should have a bit of a rest, Jules.

Me: These shoes are definitely NOT going to work because if the nurses have to spend this long getting the stupid things on your stupid feet we’ll be blacklisted for shoe negligence.

Anthony: But my hands are okay, so don’t worry.

It is things like this that sometimes get me down.



13 responses to “If the shoe doesn’t fit

  1. susanpoozan says:

    Life can be hard when you try your very best and it doesn’t work, lots of sympathy in your dilemma.

  2. hope you get some useful shoes soon.

  3. Julie, it makes sense to me that it gets you down. ❤

  4. It makes sense to me too. ❤

    Sending you love and light and hopes for shoes that slip on and are safe. Hugs

  5. Judy says:

    This sounds challenging, Julie. I hope I’m not over-stepping to say that Anthony is an old sole. But at least he’s not a heel! Sorry, these are bad puns, but I’m hoping to give you a chuckle.

  6. Terry says:

    I went through this with my brother too. At this point I purchased him running shoes with velcro ties. There will be a time that only slipper socks will work

  7. tootlepedal says:

    I hope a second go is more successful.

  8. judyrutrider says:

    Would Crocs with a heel strap that lies flat against the bottom of the heel when you slip into it and lifts up around the top of the heel when it’s on work for him? They might be too hot even though their ventilated.

  9. Trisha says:

    I can understand that getting you down. Life can be so frustrating and tiring when the things that should be easy things just won’t work. I hope the homipeds will do the job.

  10. Thankfully we don’t have this problem anymore as now nan is bedridden and when not in bed she is in a princess chair and doesn’t wear shoes anymore at just socks

  11. janeslog says:

    Have you heard of Nike Flyease shoes? They were developed in 2015 for a teenager who suffered from a physical illness and needed help putting on his shoes.

    You can buy them in the UK from the Nike online shop. Here’s the link to a snazzy pair Ant would love (UK store).

  12. viveka says:

    Julie, I can’t understand your helplessness – but I have to smile over Ant; remark … my hands are okay *smile – he has his wonderful sense of humor left.

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