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After Anthony 1

on November 23, 2020

This is my first post for so long but I really want to begin blogging again. So much has happened since I last posted. Everything is fine. Having sold the farm, I now live in a lovely cottage which overlooks a little bit of forest. It has been a massive adjustment and the act/work of moving from the farm was pretty ghastly and longwinded.

But sooo much joy!

23 responses to “After Anthony 1

  1. shoreacres says:

    Well, hello! It’s good to ‘see’ you again.

  2. Joanna says:

    yes so much has happened Julie, love your new place – you have got this kiddo, love ya 🥰

  3. susanpoozan says:

    So pleased you have decided to take up blogging again, great the have you back. Your cottage sounds charming, well done for making the break from your former life. Look forward to catching up when you feel you can!

  4. Anonymous says:

    So fantastic to see an update from you, Julie. I am sure you have been through so much, but I’m excited to hear about your new life. Much love, my friend.

  5. So lovely to read your words again. I’ve missed you!
    And congratulations on the move. though the process of moving is ghastly, it sounds like you’ve landed in a lovely space.

    Many hugs Julie.

  6. Writer Lori says:

    Good to hear that all is well, Julie. Your new home sounds delightful. Beginning a new chapter like this is always brutal. May 2021 be a year of healing and continued recovery.

  7. beth says:

    I’m happy to see you and happy to see you beginning your next chapter

  8. batgurrl says:

    Missed you!! Glad you got the move behind you and now you have a chance for a new chapter in life.

    I think you and I go back to when we both started blogging. I have to say since I have retired my focus on what I post changed. So, don’t worry about what to write about, it will come naturally.

    Big HUG!!!

  9. judyrutrider says:

    I was just thinking of you yesterday, wondering what had happened to some of my favorite subscriptions. I can’t wait to catch up on your new life in the cottage.

  10. tootlepedal says:

    I hope that you mange to get posting again as you are always worth reading.

  11. Vicki says:

    Good to see you online again, Julie.
    I can only imagine how emotional and difficult moving from the farm was. Your new home location sounds lovely. Vicki x

  12. It is wonderful to see a post from you as you have been missed.

  13. Lynda says:

    Dear Julie,

    We lived in our first house for 18 years and I never really cared for it… yet when we moved I bawled like a baby, even though we were moving to a HOME I had wanted to be in since high school. While not the same circumstances I certainly understand the depth of emotion you have/are feeling. I am glad that you are coming back to blogging again. I’m sure I speak for everyone when I say: “Welcome back!”

    I look forward to your new posts and pictures of the new cottage too!

    Love you,

  14. Welcome back, Julie. So good to hear that you’re doing well after the move. 🤗

  15. arlene says:

    So nice to see you again here Julie. Welcome back!

  16. Yay! Look forward to your daily adventures. Glad you are back.

  17. Midge Avery says:

    Cottage and trees….sounds enchanting! Moving would have been exhausting and methinks change may have been daunting for you.
    So glad you have your own space now. If you’re ever up for a game of Scrabble…

  18. dogdaz says:

    Hello. Do blog again! I enjoyed your posts though sad as they were. Now to moving on and lighter times, I hope.

  19. Would love to see the new cottage!

  20. Welcome back.. though I haven’t been blogging much in the past few months I decided also…today to touch bases again… Glad to hear that you’re doing well… take care Diane

  21. lensgirl53 says:

    I have missed you Jules. You make me want to blog again. Can’t wait to hear about your life. The cottage sounds like a dream. ❤❤❤❤

  22. Ms. Boice says:

    Seeing your post made my heart happy.

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