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Imagined conversation 85

on December 12, 2021

Me: Hi Ants


Me: Yeah, very funny, Ants – not.

Anthony: So, what’s up? I approve of your manuscript so far.

Me: I think I should turn our whole story into fiction because the auto/biographical stuff might upset some people.

Anthony: Great idea, Jules!

Me: My mother suggested it.

Anthony: Wise woman.

Me: Okay so I’ll do that – what pseudonym would you like?

Anthony: Alistair?

Me: Really? Okay, and I’ll be Ruby.

Anthony: I miss you, Jules.

Me: It’s nearly Christmas again and I miss you too, Ants; I can hardly bear it.

Anthony: Rubbish, Jules! Just keep on going the way you are!

Me: Okay, Alistair

Anthony: Good night, Ruby.

[After Anthony died, I began writing a series of imagined conversations on my blog so this is simply a continuation of that for the time being, until after Christmas.]

4 responses to “Imagined conversation 85

  1. These are my favorites! I love when you print conversations with Anthony. I think you tell your story best through these imagined conversations, Julie!

  2. tootlepedal says:

    I too think that your mother may well be a wise woman.

  3. Anonymous says:


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