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Imagined conversation 86

on December 13, 2021

ME: Ants – exciting news! The guy who has been working tirelessly to help me get the blog into an editable format is coming over Wednesday morning to figure out a few final glitches. After that I will be able to go mad changing 1st person to 3rd person, if need be; delete any images (but save them for later): and go full steam ahead with what will probably now be a novel.

ANTHONY: It’s good to hear from you after your long silence, Jules, but I have no idea what you’re referring to. Also, who is this guy you are raving about?

ME: I’m not raving and he’s my friend’s husband, Ants! And I’m talking about the manuscript that you said you approved of yesterday. Is dementia common in Heaven?

ANTHONY: Oh that, yes, I see. By the way, Jules, sarcasm doesn’t suit you.

ME: What? And what do you mean, “oh that”? I’m writing about you and have been for over ten years. You could at least be grateful, Ants.

ANTHONY: Deeply, Jules.

ME: Sarcasm doesn’t suit you, Ants.

ANTHONY: Are we having an argument, Jules?

ME: No, yes, no, well, maybe?

ANTHONY: Where I am now there are no arguments, so having an argument with you would be bliss.

ME: In that case, I actually do have a few old bones to pick, Ants.

ANTHONY: Bring it on, Jules.

ME: I miss our banter, Ants.

ANTHONY: Thanks for remembering not to forget me, Jules.

4 responses to “Imagined conversation 86

  1. beth says:

    aww, that last line –

  2. Anonymous says:

    What a poignant and beautiful way to keep memory alive

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