wings and things

Imagined conversation 88

on December 16, 2021

ME: Ants?

ME: Ants!


ANTHONY: Yes? Jules? Sorry, I was napping. You sound just like my mother!

ME: Napping? Do you nap often? I had this picture of you frolicking joyously with the lambs and the lions.

ANTHONY: Okay, I’m awake now. Is something wrong?

ME: Not really. I was just thinking about how much I wish you could be here for the various Christmas festivities. I’m hosting Christmas eve brunch again at my place – 15 now, including three of your little great-nephews. They never got to meet you!

ANTHONY: Rubbish! I met the first one and he was magnificent.

ME: Oh yes!

ANTHONY: Let me get this right: I now have nine, going on eleven, great-nephews and great-nieces.

ME: When did you get so good at math, Ants?

ANTHONY: It’s a counting days exercise we do here, with lots of attention to detail.

ME: I found this photo of you with your second great-niece and it melted my heart!

ANTHONY: You are far too sentimental, Jules, but yes that was a special day for me too.

ME: I so wish you could come and see Ming’s house and meet his partner!

ANTHONY: I already know her, Jules, and she is almost as beautiful as you, a perfect match for our unique Ming.

ME: Heaven seems to have made you more eloquent, Ants.

ANTHONY: May I go back to my nap, Jules? Is there anything else?

ME: Not at the moment. Thanks, Ants….

ANTHONY: For future reference, Jules, lambs and lions don’t ordinarily frolic together.

ME: Oh, okay.

ANTHONY: I think you may have misinterpreted a Bible verse

ME: Since when do you read the Bible?

ANTHONY: Since I died and went to Heaven, Jules. Keep up, for God’s sake!

4 responses to “Imagined conversation 88

  1. I love the way you are building “perspective” now.

  2. Anonymous says:

    I love, love, love these conversations! They are EXACTLY Anthony! Only you could capture him so perfectly.

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