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Imagined conversation 89 [The eiderdown]

on December 17, 2021

ME: I had to throw Gar’s pink eiderdown away today, Ants.


ME: I took it to that dry-cleaning place you love and they said that the eiderdown would either wreck their machine, or else be wrecked by their machine. I guess they didn’t want ancient duck or goose baby feathers exploding out of the eiderdown…


ME: Look, Ants, I understand how you must be feeling and I got a bit choked up myself, but….

ANTHONY: We only just had it re-covered, Jules!

ME: That was nearly 20 years ago, Ants! Those downy feathers have been shooting out of the eiderdown for years. It’s extraordinary how they get through the silky material but they do, like little arrows. Dust mites are a lot smaller so no wonder I keep getting asthma.

ANTHONY: So now you are part of the dust mite brigade?

ME: Oh ye of little faith.

ANTHONY: What did you say? Why did you say that, Jules?

ME: It seemed like a good thing to say. Anyway, where’s Gar? Just ask her what she thinks about me throwing the eiderdown out!

ANTHONY: She’s playing poker with the guys so I can’t bother her now, but I’m sure she’d be upset.

ME: Is it because we slept underneath that eiderdown? Is that why you are so upset?

ANTHONY: Mum’s winning, Jules, so I have to go.

ME: Yeah, I love you too, Ants. I’ll find another eiderdown….

3 responses to “Imagined conversation 89 [The eiderdown]

  1. Anonymous says:

    You have the most delicious sense of humour, Juli!

  2. Great visual you painted there- I’m still smiling at the little picture in my head of Anthony’s mum playing poker.

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