wings and things


on August 31, 2022

Me: Today is the last day of the month you died five years ago and, once again, I am pretending to talk to you when I am actually just talking to myself. I know that, Ants. I am not delusional.

Anthony: Jules! I wish I could help you, but I can’t! You have to get your strength back so you can be the grandmama you want to be. Get help, get therapy, but, above all, love who you are because you are already so bloody amazing. Stop beating yourself up for not being the best mother, wife, mother-in-law, daughter, sister.

Me: These are the sorts of conversations I miss most, Ants, because you always came up with profundities that defied your dementia diagnosis.

Anthony: I love you, Jules.

Me: I love you. Ants.

9 responses to “Today

  1. I just love these. I love your writing style.

  2. In time, when you are ready, you will start a new project.

  3. It must be hard at times

  4. tootlepedal says:

    Sound advice again from Ants.

  5. Anonymous says:

    More than anyone I know, you are a person who makes a difference in so many lives. At the funeral yesterday, of one of the many people you visit and care for in their dying years, you were mentioned for that. Anthony isn’t the only one proud of the mother, daughter, sister, grandmama, friend, carer you are. Let that knowledge filter through and walk tall my daughter.

  6. misifusa says:

    Jules, it’s been years…Rhonda over at 50 Shades of Grey wrote a post that I saw today and she said you’re a Grandma and Ming has a baby! Oh my gosh! Where has the time flown to? How I remember reading your blog years ago when Anthony was still alive and then when he passed away…and now to read today’s blog that it’s been 5 years?? I’m sending a huge hug to you. I’ve not really been blogging much the last 5 years…but I have missed my blogging friends so I will try to keep up more…congratulations to you Grandmama! God bless!! xo

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