wings and things

Little lull

This afternoon, after Ming and I visited Anthony in the nursing lodge, I took Ming to catch the train to Perth for the weekend.

As soon as I got home, the euphoria of being alone hit me, but so did the asthma (I think the hayfever must’ve become bored).

I have the meds. and all okay but I am going to have a little rest from internetty stuff for a few days.


Hellishly hot

This is our sixth day of 40C degree heat and incredibly high humidity and I have somehow contracted the flu. Ming (on L plates) took me in to the doctor who has put me on antibiotics and cortisone so I am ecstatic to have something to fight the kind of flu that usually leads to asthma and hospital. Then we went to see Ants but I stayed at a slight distance because I don’t want him to get it. I sat on his bed and held his hand in an outstretched way, trying to breathe my germs in the other direction and we only stayed a short time. Ants kept telling me to go home and get well, and that I was beautiful; he said both of these things a few times!

Oh it’s too hot to write any more! The photo is of Ants with some of my family at our Christmas dinner the other evening.


Fixing the moon

Son was less than two years old when Husband had his first bout of illness and had to go to hospital to undergo numerous tests and biopies, all of which produced mysterious results (it wasn’t until later that kidney cancer was diagnosed).

During one of our visits to the hospital, Son experienced his first full-blown asthma attack (long story and all is good now). Anyway, hours later, once we had said goodnight to Husband and left the hospital, equipped with ventolin and a nebuliser, Son, breathing properly again, looked out of the car window and became transfixed with the half moon that seemed to follow us all the way home.

“Moon bwoken,” he said, seriously.

When we got home, Son insisted that we go outside to look at the moon. After a few moments, he asked me, “Daddy can fixit?”

“Yes,” I said, holding back my tears.

A week or so later, with Husband home again, Son took both of our hands and toddler-rushed us outside where we all looked up to see a beautiful, full moon wrapped in a dark, cloudless sky.

Son then threw his chubby little arms around Husband’s neck and whispered, “Fank you, Daddy, you’re a vewy good boy!”