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Honiara needs a chiropractor!

My brother, Brinsley Lane, is looking for a locum for his Honiara-based chiropractic practice so that he can come home to his family in Western Australia. In his own words: “Warm Pacific adventure awaits. Chance of a lifetime for someone needing that sea change they’ve been talking about. Contact”

Honiara is the capital city of the Solomon Islands, a beautiful place just northeast of Australia. Brin established the practice two years ago and now sees an average of 100 people per day so, despite wanting to be here with his family, especially his daughter who is recovering from injuries sustained in the recent car accident, he can’t just up and leave, obviously.

So, if any of you know of any chiropractors who might be interested, please share this with them, and get them to contact Brin on the email provided above. Incidentally, Brin also has a blog at

Thank you!


First brother


My first brother, BJ, turns 52 today which is wonderful because for the next six weeks or so he will only be a year younger than I am – ha!

BJ is a chiropractor, like our father was, and he is now working in the Solomon Islands with his wife and two of his five children (yes, First brother and Baby brother surpassed me long ago in the baby-making stakes).

This is him with our mother a couple of years ago. He has taken to wearing a kilt because his eldest daughter is getting married in Scotland next year and I think he also quite likes the look of his own legs.


And that’s BJ on the left, Baby brother in the middle and me on the right – in our father’s arms.

Both my brothers have inherited our dad’s love of being a father.

Happy birthday, BJ!