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If you don’t know what to say, just shut up!

I’ve been trying to find a word that means the same thing as ‘stating the obvious’ but, apart from ‘duh’, there doesn’t seem to be one in the English language. ‘Redundant’ doesn’t quite cut it, ínanity’ only just comes close, so ‘duh’ it is.

A close relative of Anthony’s, who only visits him sporadically, and has baulked at my suggestion of getting him wheel-chair taxied to their place, sent me an email the other day. In the email it was stated that they had visited Anthony but didn’t have time at the moment to arrange for a taxi visit. The irony and inanity of the email’s concluding sentence astounded me:

We notice that he is very lonely.



Contingencies 2

A friend had a fall today and, after hours of checking to see if she’d broken her hip (no, thank goodness), she was released from hospital and is staying with me tonight with two of her beautiful grandchildren who she was babysitting. She is in a lot of pain but is in bed now and I am hoping she will be okay in the morning.

I got the message to call her at the hospital from the staff at the nursing lodge this afternoon,  just as I was pouring drinks for Anthony and me, so I had to rush off. How ironic that I wrote a post about contingencies earlier today.

No time to read blogs or reply to comments at the moment.