wings and things

Before and after!

Ming has spent several months travelling to and from Perth to audition for a variety of acting roles, and to undertake training in this field. For much of this time, he didn’t have a car or car licence so took the train or bus and either stayed with kind relatives and friends or at youth hostels. Now that he has his licence back and his cute little car, going to Perth and back has been easier and he has been relishing his independence.

But now that he has this full-time job at the restaurant (which he loves!) he has decided to put the whole acting thing on the back-burner so he has now had his acting hair cut off

Before (this photo was taken at Meg’s 80th a couple of weeks ago):

After (this photo was taken tonight):



Some people love Change and some people hate it. Change sometimes causes terrible conflicts – in relationships, workplaces, countries, and in all sorts of different contexts – when one ‘side’ embraces Change, and the other ‘side’ doesn’t.

I used to love Change until too many changes happened at once, and then I craved stability, but that got a bit boring!

So it is now back to Change again – yeeha – because Change is wonderfully malleable. You can change Change; after all, that is its nature.

I have learned that if you don’t welcome Change, it will bite you anyway – not nastily, just in a nibbly way.

Change and I are buddies again and it has been a fantastic day!