wings and things


I just heard this morning about the massacre at the school in Connecticut and, having now read the news reports, seen footage and also read the many blogposts about this tragedy, I don’t have adequate words to add to the millions already said and written. I only have inadequate words, but I can’t say nothing at all, so here goes.

My body feels hugely heavy with grief for the deaths of those children and teachers, and empathy for the families, friends and survivors. I’ve read numerous comments about the whys and wherefores but really there is no why or wherefore. The ‘big child’ who committed the crime is dead too so there will never be an answer as to why he did this and why his rage (what else could it be?) was directed against little children and those who care for them.

When our only child Ming was the age of the children killed, my greatest fear was that I would lose him to illness or accident or abduction even, but fear of a massacre like this never, ever, entered my head. Never.

I keep thinking of the Christmas presents the parents of those children may already have wrapped and hidden, or put under the tree, and no children to open them. This is unbearable.