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I care about you

on January 19, 2013

When I first began blogging, I had no idea that I would begin to care about people who I may never meet face to face.

As a newbie to the world of birds, I was drawn to blogs about birds, then drawn to blogs about photography.

As a carer for a husband with Parkinson’s Disease, I was drawn to blogs about PD, nursing homes, other people’s experiences of other illnesses.

As the mother of a teenage son, I was drawn to blogs about parenting, children and Erma Bombecky humour.

As a writer, I was drawn to blogs written by an array of different people – all ages, all styles, all genres, all fantastic.

As a woman battling grief, I was drawn to blogs about grief and blogs about inspiration – a good mix.

Tonight, I am drawn into the blog of a woman who has become my friend. Her daughter died today after a gruelling battle with disease.

I care about you.

76 responses to “I care about you

  1. bulldogsturf says:

    Oh how saddening… not what one wants to hear.. so sad.. a parent should never have to bury a child… my heart goes out to her…

  2. fgassette says:

    I am so sorry to hear abut the lost of your blogger friend. Mau she rest in peace and you find comfort in having known her.


  3. I doso understand as I initially started blogging and reading logs on the topic. I get concerned about people if they don’t write – are they sick, hurt. It concerns me, but these are people I have never met.

  4. meant to say on the topic of cycling

  5. we do care about those we have become friends with through this medium – I find you in ‘y email and go to your blog immediately–I care about you and I am glad you care about your blog friend who is going through something that is the basis of all moms” nightmares

  6. catchatcaren says:

    Oh Dear God, that is awful. I am so terribly sorry about your friend’s daughter. It just breaks my heart ((((hugs))))

  7. dogdaz says:

    My heart goes out to you and your friend. I was drawn to you because you are special. Virtual friendships are wonderful. I care about you too.

  8. Louise G. says:

    Hugs Julie.

    I think the power of this ‘space’ is in how much we do care for each other, even when we haven’t met.

    Blessings and love to you and your friend. I am sorry to hear of her loss. Hugs

  9. lucewriter says:

    I’m so sorry for her loss. Many hugs to you for her and to you, as well.

  10. Hi Julie…I saw a post she put up and then took down again. I believe V is in a better place. No more pain. My thoughts and prayers are with T and her grandsons. I’m sure your friendship means the world to them.

    Oh by the way, I care about you too.

  11. Northern Narratives says:

    Very sad and thoughts of hope to her for her terrible loss.

  12. I agree..I did not know that true friendships could and would develop…I guess I thought they would be blogging contacts….and I never expected for there to be so many that I would grow to care about…I am sorry to hear of the loss of your friend’s daughter .. Diane

  13. Jan Norman says:

    Actually I care about you as well…and Ants and Ming.

  14. Robyn Lee says:

    Oh Julie ~ I am so very sorry. This medium is stronger than any of us realized when we began blogging. I suspect it is, perhaps, even more powerful in the realm of connection and soul friendship than many “in person” relationship avenues. I had no idea, but it is true. Sending a huge hug ~ and heartfelt prayers for this Mom who is grieving the loss of her daughter today.
    xxooo R

  15. FacetsofLucy says:

    Louise said it better than I could right before me. We do become friends and care for each other. My sympathies for your friend and her family. I, too, have close friends who have lost children. Its the most painful loss there is, I think.

  16. It is amazing how we connect through cyberspace. Just as I have been drawn to you and your journey and candid writings….. I have also followed Vicky’s journey and my heart goes out to her family. May she RIP ♥ Hugs to you, my dear ♥

  17. terry1954 says:

    sorry to hear about your loss of your friend

  18. diannegray says:

    This is very sad Julie, my heart goes out to her…

  19. I feel the same way about some of my blogging buds. I am very sorry to hear about the loss of your friend’s daughter. That really makes my heart ache.

  20. elizabeth says:

    Aww Julie, I feel so sad for your friend. But what a blessing that because of her blogging she has untold hundreds wishing her well and sending prayers and good thoughts her way. I cannot beging to imagine her heartache and sorrow, but I will be keeping her in my prayers.

  21. SnapInTime says:

    My heart goes out to you and to your friend & her family. </3 No parent should have to endure this pain.

    Virtual friendships are a powerful thing, I have made many over the years as well and they have both supported me through a lot and enriched my life in many ways. I am grateful for those I have gotten to know in this way.

  22. That is heartbreaking. My thoughts are with you and your friend during this very difficult time. Friendships come about in the most unusual ways and just because face to face isn’t there doesn’t mean that the emotions, feelings and caring aren’t there. Words either written or spoken convey the same intensity and that is what matters. 🙂

  23. batgurrl says:

    And you know we all feel the same. We care about you!!!

  24. Trisha says:

    I’m so sorry to hear this. My heart goes out to her.

  25. sbcallahan says:

    it caught me a bit off guard as well. sharing this journey with tersia is so personal and yet how is that possible?

  26. oh precious life – so fragile, and bittersweet.
    i too understand what you mean about caring for people whose threads have woven through our own via the bloggerverse.
    shall say prayers for you all

  27. WordsFallFromMyEyes says:

    I like the way you expanded what you were drawn to – and yes, I genuinely feel for those other lives we touch through blogging. I feel I know you somewhat, though not your face, and it is natural to care what happens with you. As for the 3 day holiday – I naturally feel joy for you So re your friend’s daughter’s death: I am sure you feel, and I wish her strength in her loss.

  28. oh that’s a kick to the heart, reading sorry Jules

  29. Anonymous says:

    My son died on the 18th. Funny how the comfort of people you have never met, except electronically over the internet, can be a source of comfort. I care about you too.

  30. Lynda says:

    Such sad news to bear.
    Thank you for caring, Julie, and you know it comes back to you a thousand fold from us.

  31. mrs fringe says:

    (((((Hugs)))))) Julie, I’m sorry for your friend’s loss, and for yours. Yes, my online friends have become very real over the years, whether I’ve had occasion to meet them face to face or not. And as the parent of a child with significant medical needs, I’ve been where you are today, feeling powerless and trying to figure out how to convey the depth of grief and sorrow you feel for the loss of this child. Sending peace and strength.

  32. victoriaaphotography says:

    Sorry to hear about the death of your blogging friend’s daughter.

    It never ceases to amaze me about the connections between bloggers all over the world and 99% of the time they are such beautiful caring souls and/or kindred spirits in one way or another.

    Now if only we could get the ‘war mongerers’ to be bloggers, perhaps we could teach them about love and peace.

  33. KATT says:


  34. I so know what you mean about caring for those we will never meet and I am sorry to hear your friend has lost a daughter………..

  35. I’m so sorry for your friend, and for you for the loss. Having just lost a family member, I can relate to some of the pain. For a mother to lose a child though, at any age, is particularly hard. I send good wishes to your friend. May she find happiness and joy again.

  36. Jo Woolf says:

    That is so sad. I can only send heartfelt sympathy and kind wishes to your friend.

  37. Beautiful said. So sorry for your friend and her terrible loss.

  38. I’m estranaged from my very large Catholic (dad) and Mormon (mom) families, so my blogging friends are my family, even if I will never meet them, share laughter with them, cry with them, have a margarita with them. They are my family. MY family.

  39. As a woman battling grief, I was drawn to blogs about grief and blogs about inspiration – a good mix.

  40. Monica says:

    Julie, you are a special individual. My hat is off to you!

  41. eof737 says:

    Terribly sorry to read about your blog friend’s daughter… My deepest condolences go out to her and her family…. So sad… Sending healing light her way… So sorry!

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