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Farmboy 1

on February 15, 2013

It was about two years ago when our lives (Anthony’s, mine, and Ming’s) altered dramatically. Here is an abbreviated list of events, in no particular order:

1. Anthony’s Parkinson’s became so bad that he required hourly nursing care during the nights.
2. I eventually got exhausted and was hospitalized for a few days.
3. Ming’s scoliosis required surgery.
4. I had to take extended leave from my university job as a lecturer.
5. Ming completed his last year of school.
6. We found that the farming family, whose property adjoins ours, was willing to lease our 100 acres for the correct rent.
7. We withstood the continuing verbal abuse from our previous lessee who we had already kicked off for negligence etc.
8. With Anthony’s approval, I contacted our lawyer to prevent the previous lessee from coming onto the property.
8. We accepted that Ming would have to have surgery.
9. We accepted that Ants would have to go into a nursing lodge.
10. Ming began his Certificate in music and, simultaneously, began milking cows for the same people we are now leasing to.

Our farmboy’s journey began!

Ever since Anthony went into the nursing lodge, and Ming had his spinal surgery, life-as-we-knew-it has altered dramatically.

30 responses to “Farmboy 1

  1. Things change but you soldier on the best you can. You’ll be okay.

  2. Ingrid says:

    Julie … can you email me your email again please – I’m thick as a brick!

  3. The only constant thing about life is that it changes all the time.

  4. WordsFallFromMyEyes says:

    In no particular order??!! Julie, you’re FUNNY.

    Best thing I love is Ming & his music and the leasing. Like, wow…

    I’d love to hear some of Ming’s playing – truly. In fact, if he felt creatively generous, I’d love to put a part of his works into a video of some kind. I don’t know, I just love sharing the creative making & he sounds like he’d have something to contribute…. Just a thought!

    My son Daniel is on his Ls. In Australia you have to drive 120 HOURS on Ls (with a licensed driver in observation) before you can get your Ps. What’s it like over there?? Curious.

  5. overwhelming all at once — even bit by bit — here is hoping the next couple of years level off

  6. What a life-altering year you have had.. but you’ve made it through….I hope and pray 2013 is better for you…Diane

  7. That was a lot! Some might say a little too much to handle but you handled and you did it with grace. Kudos to you Jules! I’m glad that you were able to get new leasee’s and that the lawyer was able to get your former one off your plot. There are some things that are worse than legal troubles with a relative but not many and to have that on top of Anthony’s Parkinson’s and Ming’s surgery. You are amazing!

  8. mrs fringe says:

    I love the way there’s strength and forward motion in that list, to counterbalance the way too rough and too many hardships.

  9. Life is like that – chaos and calm, calm and chaos. Somehow, you’ve survived it 🙂

  10. viveka says:

    Julie, you’re a strong fantastic woman – you have taken on every change .. you have manage through drama and clam and I know what ever will come your way – you will handle it your way even if it’s not going to be easy and it will not happens at once.

  11. FacetsofLucy says:

    It takes my breath away how quickly life can turn. Isn’t it amazing how much change a human can be subjected to and still put one foot in front of the other and keep on going. I love that Ming likes the dairy work by the way. Does Anthony know? Is he proud, too?

  12. Trisha says:

    Wow, that’s a lot of change to go through in such a short time. You must feel somewhat disoriented by all of it. I hope things are settling down now.

  13. bluebee says:

    Just as well we can’t see into the future. It would drive us all stark raving mad.

  14. FlaHam says:

    Julie, this just speaks volumes of your strenght and character. It runs thru your entire family. Ming is a very very lucky young man to have you as Mom and Ants as dad. — Be Safe — Bill

  15. I couldn’t help but think of you on Friday when I was out I was standing behind a couple of women who were talking and on of them said “if I knew he would get sick and old before me I wouldn’t had married an older man” this made me thing what the hell I bet Julie would say she would had married Anthony even is she knew he would become ill and have to go into a nursing lodge………….if you truly love someone these things don’t matter………………..

  16. janechese says:

    Amazing that you have not only come survived this but you have thrived.i know it is tough but I am also happy for you.

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