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on April 7, 2013

I keep trying to embrace the idea of death, but I can’t imagine Anthony gone.

So I’m beginning to understand this kind of grief via the blogs of friends who grieve for loved ones.

It might be my turn next but I’m not sure…. Death-defying?

My best friend – Anthony.

52 responses to “Death

  1. FlaHam says:

    Julie, Speaking with a touch of experience, you should prepare yourself as best as possible. Acknowledging that death is coming, is not giving in to it or giving up. It allows you to accept what you have left and enjoy it even more. — Please take care, Bill

  2. You are so strong and your story is inspiring.

  3. bulldog says:

    What can one say.?.. be strong dear Julie…

  4. We will be here. 🙂

  5. Understandable I think…While I’m not in the circumstances that you are… I too from time to time try to imagine life without my husband of 50 years…and I can’t….Diane

  6. Wow, Julie… I just read this… I felt your words when I read them… my heart felt such sadness for your thoughts. I just wanted you to know I cared that you are feeling so sad. Love, Gloria

  7. SnapInTime says:

    I can’t bring myself to “like” this post, but my heart goes out to you.

    Countless in my particular community have had to say goodbye to a precious loved one, either in a more expected fashion after a longish decline or after a blinding downward spiral that was unthought of quite literally the week before. I can’t fathom it and my heart breaks for all who must endure this type of loss, no matter what the particular disease process has been.

    I’m not sure it can ever come naturally… be patient with yourself. With grieving comes such a wide range of emotion. ❤

  8. annotating60 says:

    My thoughts have been with you. >KB

  9. hugr5 says:

    I know how you feel.

    For years, I philosophized about death being a door to another reality, another plane. I have believed in reincarnation. I have believed in spirits, ghosts, and people returning… I have believed in people “not leaving”… that they stay …

    until recently. Recently, I thought about myself, dying … and I was afraid.

    Technically, I still believe in all that stuff! But when I REALLY thought about me, dying … I realized that I really didn’t know. And I am afraid.

    I’ve told certain people that they couldn’t die. I’ve told certain animal friends that they “weren’t allowed to leave.” My cat Hino died when he was 18 years old, so maybe just maybe he heard me and tried to stay as long as he could.

    I don’t know. I’m trying to come to terms with the concept of death, and to be able to ascertain what I DO believe. (That’s one reason why I wrote a poem about dying recently. That’s me, starting to “come to terms.”)

    Anyway, I KNOW HOW YOU FEEL. I really really wish you luck.


  10. tersiaburger says:

    Oh my dear friend – I wish I could spare you this dreadful journey.

  11. That is a hard one to click like on. Who knows what’s next for any of us? You said it, with your comment “might be my turn…” same here. Who knows if this will be my last type written words ever. If they are, right here right now let me say I like you, and I mean it. I like when you pop in with your supportive cheers. And, if you experience the loss you’re fearing and I’m around, I hope I can offer you comfort. Meanwhile, just little old me here now offering a big cyber hug to your sweet self. Paulette

  12. viveka says:

    Julie, I don’t think we can prepare and embrace thought of losing somebody we love. So don’t start thinking about how to handle that in advance – because deep inside you know that it will happen and that is more than enough for now. Don’t take out the grief in advance … just embrace every day you can talk to him and visit him, because he are still there … I know it’s so tough at times, but he still loves you.

  13. I see no reason to embrace death or even the idea of it. Embrace life and enjoy everything you can while you can.

    Uh oh. I think I just gave unsolicited advice. Sorry!

  14. sbcallahan says:

    it is not something we want to accept. enjoy the time you have. keep making memories. i am sad for you and send hugs.

  15. I can’t imagine my life without Tim and yes I have tried there have been nights laying in bed when Tim has been working in Sydney that I have thought what would it be life without him but the thought of it hurt to much that I couldn’t think about it. As much as he annoys me at times I love him and can’t imagine not having him around to annoy me……..

  16. It is always hard, whether sudden or with warning. 😦 There is a tearing away of a part of the heart.

  17. dcwisdom says:

    Even when it comes, you still won’t be ready for it. We’ll be here for you. Sending you BIG Texas love and prayers across the waves…XO

  18. fgassette says:


  19. niasunset says:

    I am sending my love and my prayers… We are always here for you… Love and Hugs, nia

  20. victoriaaphotography says:

    Sending you lots of hugs and warmth thoughts to fill the gaps.

    Death is one thing which I don’t think any of us like to think about, be it slow & lingering or abrupt & shocking.

    But the reality is that Death is part of all our Lives.

    Instead of avoiding thinking about it, it is better to understand its meaning. It’s better to have an acceptance of this reality and then it may be easier to face in the future.

    If one can’t accept the reality of Death as a Part of Living, then it’s far more painful to accept the eventuality of Death (when it arrives). If that makes sense. V xo

  21. Cannot imagine Jules.

  22. The loss of a loved one shouldn’t be easy, should it? Still, I send you thoughts of acceptance and peace.

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