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Blogging update

on September 8, 2014

I’m gradually (and unguiltily!) getting back to reading, and commenting on, other people’s blogs, and re-subscribing to those I have lost touch with. Like many other bloggers, I feel such gratitude for the community of friends I’ve connected with over the last three years. The fact that I can’t consistently keep up with everyone’s posts no longer bothers me and it is quite a relief to dip in and read when I can, comment if I want to, and not read any blogs if the day is too busy. Having said that, I am very appreciative of those friends who continue to give me their support and friendship. It has been an extremely difficult year for my family, but things are finally returning to normal, whatever that is.

Perhaps my blog-reading will, from now on, resemble the unpredictability of Ming hanging out the washing!

photo (6)

The expression on Ming’s face here is exactly the same as when he sees his name in one of my blog posts – ha!

18 responses to “Blogging update

  1. That’s what blogging should be about – reading/commenting/viewing what you want, when you want. A much better balance – keep it up – and Ming, keep hanging that washing out 😉

  2. susanpoozan says:

    Love the picture and your comment. Glad you feel you are gradually moving to a more normal life.

  3. The unpredictability of Ming hanging laundry’s a good metaphor. I’m smiling. Hope you are as well. ❤

  4. You’re not the only blogger who does this. I too have been in and out of blogging…reading, commenting and writing.. Things going on in ‘life’ make it so!…. Diane

  5. Terry says:

    Nice to see you relaxing a little. Hugs

  6. lensgirl53 says:

    I love you and your family!

  7. bulldog says:

    Blog when you can or when you want to… it is yours and thank God there are no rules we have to follow… I’ve been away for 5 odd weeks and returned to find most waiting to hear from me…. that’s what it is all about…. you… Sterkte…

  8. Judy says:

    I guess it’s nice to have Ming “hanging around.” Oh – just another “line” of puns. I better just “clothes” my mouth!

  9. Love that facial expression and can see why it might motivate you to mention his name. You could even do it randomly even if you don’t have a story about him, like: I picked up some ‘MING’ much needed supplies from town today….

    Diana xo

  10. Ming has big feet. 😀

  11. jensine says:

    yes … dip a way m y friend, dip away

  12. I too am more random with my blogging these days. It was beginning to be something else I had to fit in and I did not want to feel that way about it

  13. Blog should be a pleasant activity, not a chore. You’re doing the right thing! And that expression on Ming’s face is priceless. By the way, is his back all back to normal now with this other surgery?

  14. tootlepedal says:

    I am impressed with the lad. Fancy knowing where the washing is hung out at his age.

  15. I just saw that a photographer on a blog I have been following just passed away. How can you feel like you know at least a part of someone from their words and pictures, and yet you really are strangers? I feel sad for his family and the loss of his life, and I still see that there will be a hole not filled in this strange blogging community that is so unlike anything. 😦

  16. Vicki says:

    I should be taking your advice (having been without the internet for a week and trying to catch up this morning).

    As Tootlepedal says, fancy a young man KNOWING where the washing is hung. At least now he’ll know why it smells like the sun and the country air. Sometimes mine smells like inner city.

  17. Great to see you posting again. And in a much better frame of mind. You’ve been missed, but not forgotten! I’m not signed in to wordpress as much these days so I don’t always like or comment, but I’m always reading your posts.

    Sorry to hear of so many loses around you…

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