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Flowers, food and fun

on October 1, 2014

It is so interesting that the avocado tree has unreachable fruit at its top, but is blossoming down below. The very last edible avocado is in the refrigerator, ready to take to Ants tomorrow (he loves them!)

photo (2)
photo (4)

I’d been bringing various camellias, roses and even bottle brush into the nursing home but the other day I thought I may as well tear off a whole branch of avocado blossoms and arrange them in Ants’ room. This whole flower thing is kind of weird because I really don’t have a clue about this garden Anthony established all those decades ago and have only begun to take a bit of an interest now because, well, why not! Also, every time I bring Ants flowers he gets a thrill out of it. I found two stray roses yesterday and their scent was fantastic.

Ages ago, I began taking an interest in cooking more interestingly, partly in order to be able to provide Ants with cakey stuff (he has a sweet tooth), partly in order to provide Ming with sustenance (he has a fussy tooth) and, more recently, because I have become fascinated by, and dedicated to, preparing food from scratch. It’s really time-consuming to chop or grind the herbs, roots, chilis etc. but what a great feeling/taste, and how nostalgic it makes me for my early days on this farm when Gar (Anthony’s mother) would point me in the right direction of the flour tin with her walking stick; teach me how to make white sauce; show me (with Anthony’s help – probably our first vaguely romantic moment!) how to pluck a duck and prepare for roasting.

Okay so my latest food discovery is stone-age bread. I just typed this into google out of curiosity and was a bit surprised to find there were already so many recipes. I tried the first one and bingo – beautiful! I would have taken a photo of my own successful loaf of bread but I’ve already eaten it! I will refine the recipe and post soon (yeah, I can hear the non-sighs of anticipation ha!)

Before Anthony became so ill with Parkinson’s disease etc., we had a relationship that was full of banter, teasing, laughter, fun. Some of the fun stuff was simply giving cheek so, today, when Ants tried to say something to me in his newishly quiet, croaky, soft voice, I took him by the shoulders (gently!) and said “SPEAK UP, ANTS, CLEAR YOUR THROAT, STOP BEING SO FEEBLE!” Then I punched him lightly in the shoulder and, yeeha! I was the recipient of one of his gradual, wonderful smiles – kind of like sunrise in the mist, bit by bit by bit.

[Note to other bloggers: I hope you know I am reading your posts but just no time atm to comment etc. x]

12 responses to “Flowers, food and fun

  1. Vicki says:

    Delighted to hear you are cooking from ‘scratch’, Julie – doesn’t it taste just the greatest.

    Am eagerly awaiting a photo of your newly found talents with great anticipation, especially as I just know you’re going to take a photo of the yummy bread in front of a well-lit country kitchen window with a sheer curtain to stop the glare (or maybe out under an amazing tree with the rolling farm fields and fences in the background).

    (Ok I’m a photographer and just love the country farmhouse settings and landscape).

  2. lisasretro says:

    I wonder if the flowers and blossoms remind Anthony of times in his garden?
    On Sunday I went to a Sally Wise cooking class and we made lots of yummy bread, her recipes are very easy. if you’re interested.

  3. Wow — your very own avocado tree! how delightful. Enjoy your day Julie. You are amazing.

  4. cecilia says:

    Oh how I WISH I could grow avocados here!.. your challenge is up at TheKitchensGarden.. no pressure though.. c

  5. I have never seen avocado blossoms, they are stunning Jules. I’m curious about the stone-age bread, can’t wait to see a picture of the next loaf before it gets devoured LOL.

  6. susanpoozan says:

    So clever to make Ants smile.

  7. I totally understand your love of cooking from scratch Julie – I love it too and in a way it is a way to express myself creatively!
    Diana xo

  8. Stone-age bread sounds really intriguing. 🙂 Such pretty flowers for Ant.

  9. ksbeth says:

    i love that you love to cook from scratch, love the banter between you, even now, and love avocados!

  10. tootlepedal says:

    Stone age bread? I can’t wait for the recipe.

  11. Must google stone-age bread. 🙂

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