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The best gift!

on August 26, 2015

It is over three months since I was employed part-time in the dementia cottage of the nursing home and I really miss seeing those residents oftener than I can now.

Even though I visit from time to time during the week, it still feels a teensy bit awkward due to my status of employee having changed to that of visitor. I know many of the relatives and most of the staff so I have been trying to figure out what gifts to bring that will make my occasional visits quiet and seamless – unobtrusive.

There are strict rules now in most nursing homes about gifts. I.e. do not offer chocolates, chilli olives, or brandy, to residents (yes, that was me – sorry!) Also, do not give staff any gifts whatsoever or it may seem like a kind of bribery (this rule is only hearsay but it made sneaking in 6 pizzas one night, two years ago, very exciting!)

Anyway, one of the things that delights Anthony most (apart from chocolate cake with lashings of cream) is the singular bloom of one of his many camellia trees.


The above is one of the many I bring in daily to Anthony’s room and that’s what gave me the idea of taking lots of camellias into the dementia cottage. After all, when there is someone at the door with flowers, the door is usually opened!

My heartfelt thanks to the staff who look after those with dementia, and those in high-care like Anthony. You are legends so perhaps I should bring a camellia tree in!

I have never picked so many flowers in my life!

31 responses to “The best gift!

  1. shoreacres says:

    I remember the great pizza caper! The flowers make a pretty good alternative, though. They’re beautiful.

  2. How beautiful of you to thank them. It had to of felt wonderful to them.

  3. what beautiful flowers

  4. Very thoughtful of you!

  5. Lisa Rest says:

    The camellias are gorgeous. Reminds me of how my mother used to clip peonies from her garden and float them in small bowls. Just perfect!

  6. susanpoozan says:

    What a thoughtful person you are.

  7. Ah! Spring is in the air!

  8. tootlepedal says:

    What a lovely gift.

  9. It seems to me that those who ousted you must be a very minuscule portion of those who love and appreciate you. so I’m thinking gifts might be in order. The small group should get gifts of coal. Or is that a Santa thing? 🙂

  10. ksbeth says:

    what a beautiful gesture. in every way.

  11. Yvonne says:

    What a nice idea, camellias are so beautiful.

  12. Vicki says:

    Those camellias are gorgeous.

    Personally, I think one or two blooms from your own garden is far nicer that bought bunches of flower when visiting any one!.

    It reflects the inner you and the time you took to go out in the garden and chose one perfect flower (or two).

    Anyone can go into a shop and quickly grab a bunch of commercially grown flowers and it takes neither time (nor much thought).

    Many people are like me and allergic to highly perfumed bunches of flowers. I’ll never forget the enormous, ‘over-the-top’, no doubt expensive, bunch of flowers bought for me on my last day of work. The smell made me so ill I had to throw them all out the next day at home. I tried putting them in the foyer area of my block of flats and I couldn’t even bear to go past them out the front door. Nearly everyone in my old office knew I was allergic to lilies and other strongly perfumed flowers and I am mystified as to why someone thought to purchase such an enormous bunch.

    If someone had bought in a spray of lovely minimally-scented flowers from their own garden, I would have been touched and enjoyed them far more.

    • jmgoyder says:

      Oh Vicki you are so hilarious about that bunch of flowers that made you ill. LOLOLOL! Thanks for always affirming me and making me crack up laughing!

  13. viveka says:

    Juliet, congratulations to the job!!! Juliet, we should get all flowers while we can enjoy them – not after the the lid is on. Keep on bringing flowers. They are so beautiful .. and they will bring smiles and beauty to the receivers. Beautiful thought and action.

  14. That’s the perfect gift from a magnificent loving heart. ❤

  15. while so many of us are unable to do our job without bribery i completely understand why they would need rules to avoid such obvious favoritism! blech blech now that terrible lie is out of my mouth 🙂 let me say that honestly i understand the rules. it would keep other families from saying my aunt didn’t get all that attention just because i didn’t bring gifts for the staff.

    when i was in icu he brought candy and cookies for the staff to share. so even staff that never saw me got a treat and felt appreciated. he was a bad man bribing those lovely nurses!

    it is a shame they have made things so awkward there.

    the camellia blossoms are so beautiful and am sure they are enjoyed by all that see it.

    you continue to amaze and delight me, sending you big hugs and love my friend xoxoxo

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