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Leaps and bounds!

on September 18, 2015

Gardening: I have planted vegetables in one of the beds that Jake (my lawn and gardener friend) has created for me. I have no idea whether these lettuce, cucumber, corn, parsley and tomato seedlings will grow up but here’s hoping. I’m a bit too nervous to ring Jake and ask if I have planted these things in the right places – i.e. should they be in the grave-like mounds or in the gullies? Just in case, I did both.


Chooks: Six quite different chickens are gradually getting used to each other with minimal violence. They have a lovely yard so hopefully peace will soon reign.


Lunch: I seem to be going out to lunch a lot lately which is something I only ever did very occasionally before Anthony went into the nursing home. This feeling of freedom is relatively new to me. It was always there of course and Anthony was never one of those dominating, bossy husbands who insisted on the adding cream and more butter and salt to the mashed potatoes. Wait a sec. – yes he did!



32 responses to “Leaps and bounds!

  1. shoreacres says:

    This non-gardener thinks you planted just right. As I understand it, planting in the mounds allows for better drainage. And of course there always needs to be more butter and cream in the mashed potatoes! Always!

  2. I love that you’re gardening Julie! ❤
    Diana xo

  3. Jules, you farmer lady you, lol! How exciting! Hugs xxoo

  4. Judy says:

    You are just “sprouting” with ideas – you might not be a “spring chicken” but you’ve hatched wonderful plans to add zest to your life. Proud of you! (Don’t take the spring chicken thing as an insult – I’m running out of puns).

  5. i find your questions about planting on the mound or in the gully funny but I don’t know either, except I was good at gullies when I went bowling till a friend suggested that I “try throwing down the middle”.. Good for you for trying both because then you will know for sure.The chooks look good , nice secure fences. And Anthony has a smile on his face. You have done well, Julie.

  6. susanpoozan says:

    You are so funny, you made me laugh out loud!

  7. Terry says:

    Give me photos to the progression of your plants!!

  8. I LOVE how your garden is coming along.

  9. tootlepedal says:

    I reckon that on top of the mound seems like a better bet than in the gullies but you will have to keep them watered.

  10. Well at least you are making progress

  11. Vicki says:

    I wish I could share your early vegetable gardening experiments at your place. At least you get some sun.

    I’ve set up some herbs, salad greens and Asian greens on my balcony in pots, but facing south and no sun (so far) means that some of them are very slow starters. I wonder if I will get a tiny bit of sun when it’s midsummer and the sun is directly overhead.

    I get lots of light, but its sun that they really need. Lost 2 purple lettuces already (from overwatering I think).

    I believe your seedlings should have gone on top of the mounds and in general, about10-15inches apart so Peter Cundall on the Gardening Australia TV series seemed to say. i’ve grown lettuce and rocket on the balcony at my old flat, but here there are completely different conditions. I’m not a vegetable gardener – only herbs, but methinks you might have your seedlings a wee bit too close together, especially the corn which will grown really high and overshadow the others.

    Like you, I’m experimenting to see what will grow. I’ve had 3 servings of Bok Choy for dinner which seemed to grow really fast – in 2 weeks.

    My younger brother (on his 10acres with orchard, herbs, veg and 3 rows of grapevines) advised me that Asian green leafy veggies would be my best bet.

    Look forward to seeing your results.

  12. dogdaz says:

    Looks like you’re covering all bases. That works for me.

  13. I love this picture of Anthony! He looks GOOD!!!!

    I laughed about how you planted the seeds, you know, just in case. I suppose it only matters that they grow-I bet they grow in both places.

    And minimal violence between the chicks is always a good thing.

    Enjoy your lunch!!

  14. Judith Post says:

    It’s fun to see you sprouting new wings. Gardening, chooks, and lunching out. You’re expanding your horizons:)

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