wings and things

A back-stepping narrative

on January 1, 2017

It is the first day of another new year and I have made the decision to use this blog as a test-run for a book about the personal journey Anthony and I are still experiencing with PDD (Parkinson’s disease dementia). Having printed out thousands and thousand of pages of blog writings (over five years!) my initial idea was to go back to the beginning but, at the moment, this is too bittersweet and the nostalgia of ‘wings and things’ is ironic as most of our winged creatures have been re-homed. I think this is significant in our journey but I am not sure how yet. I guess, in losing those winged creatures, I have learned how to deal with loss, and sometimes with death.

To write a book about PDD, with a specific focus on Dementia, seems ambitious, but I really want to do this in order to demystify this mysterious disease. Another reason to write a book like this is to demystify the nursing home experience and to honour the carers.

When I left Ants today to come home, he tried to get up from his armchair several times, so I explained to him again and again that I had to go to work. He wanted to accompany me and kept saying “I don’t understand what’s going on, Jules.”

To leave him like that is ghastly and I worry of course. But I know he is in good hands and I know that tomorrow he will be fine again and happy to see me.

Happy New Year!





15 responses to “A back-stepping narrative

  1. susanpoozan says:

    Good luck with your book, if anyone can write well on such a subject you can for sure.

  2. Happy New Year Jules! Hugs!

  3. The only good thing about dementia is that they don’t remember the disappointments and fights, pop use to say it’s ok in 10 minutes she (nan) will be fine and over it and all happy again. Speaking of nan makes me sad, I miss her so much

  4. Happy New Year Julie and Anthony.

    I look forward to you writing this book. It needs written. By you.

  5. Lynda says:

    Julie, you know how I feel about your knowledge and writing on the is subject. Your book is written you just need to mine it out, edit and fine tune it. Will it be technical, a memoir, a mix? You’ve nailed the memoir, but I think you have the knowledge to add in a bit of the technical and make us laypeople understand the condition. Whatever you decide I know it will be a gift to those who feel they are alone on this journey. ❤

    All that to say, "Go for it!"

  6. Julie, you would surely be a tremendous “light in the dark” for others sharing the same journey. Your insight is incredible, and you are exceptional in sharing in a compassionate way. Please do!

  7. Tiny says:

    I am glad you will write this book, Julie. It will help many others to deal with the situations you have mastered already. I have so much admiration! Happy New Year to you all.

  8. Judi Lynn says:

    Good luck with your book! I love your voice and your approach to dementia. Have a great 2017!

  9. Vicki says:

    With all your experience with PDD and writing skills, I daresay a book will be a pushover, Julie.

    Besides 5 years of blogging will certainly give you the bare bones and all you might have to do is pad it out a bit and (possibly?) rearrange some of the story so that it flows in the direction you want it to go.

    I always think the great part about modern technology is the ability to cut and paste and make adjustments without having to wear out typewriter ribbons 🙂 Vicki xx

  10. Julie, Happy New Year to you and Ants. I believe it’s your book to write, and it’s much needed. I have every faith in you. If you ever want a buddy to chat with about your project, let me know. Much love, Nicole xx

  11. artfulanxiety says:

    Happy New Year. I hope you find the answer to all the hidden mysteries. Loves of love.

  12. I think it is wonderful idea that you are planning to write a book. It will help other people, and it will give you a focus and drive. I wish you well with your project and am behind you all the way.
    Happy New Year to you and yours.

  13. You are blessed to have such good caretakers. It is not always so.

  14. Nice to catch up again, and happy new year!

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