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Aging ungracefully

on October 13, 2018

I am just a few months away from turning 60 but I am not going to say when my birthday is because I don’t want to be inundated with sympathy messages from my younger-than-60 friends and empathy messages from my older-than-60 friends.

Anyway, jokes aside, and apart from the shock of wondering where the hell all those years decades went so hurriedly, I have actually been feeling a wonderful sense of wellbeing lately and, yes, even youthfulness! In preparation for the onset of my new decade, I recently embarked on a health kick – you know, meditation, mindfulness, eating natural foods, exercise, replacing old unhealthy habits (like too much coffee, a Netflix addiction, and the occasional bout of self-loathing, for example) with new habits like coconut water, jigsaw puzzles and saying I love you, you gorgeous creature into the mirror twenty times each morning. The results have been incredible with the unexpected bonus of looking much younger than the age I am about to become.

Or so I thought.

Yesterday, I went shopping for vitamin supplements to enhance my newfound sense of well-being. I took my little basket of goodies to the counter and, trained by Anthony to always ask for a discount, I beamed confidently at the beautiful young shop assistant and this was our brief conversation.

Me: Is there a discount for people who make big purchases like this?

Beautiful young shop assistant: No, but since you are a senior citizen we can….?

She faltered at my gobsmacked expression and finished with ….if not, I can, well – what about if I take 5% off?

I was still lost for words and felt like saying, 5% will not make up for the fact that you have thoroughly ruined my day, but I just said, Thank you, feeling the already-depleted collagen seeping from my previously rosy cheeks.

So now I cannot actually wait to turn 60 so that remarks like this will be justified.

I can definitely hear Anthony laughing.




24 responses to “Aging ungracefully

  1. ksbeth says:

    i can so identify with this, as i turned 60 last fall, and still pause for a minute when people call me ‘ma’am..’ that being said, i love being in my 60s for some reasons, most of which i care less what others think of me, and i have more time than ever before to do what i please.

  2. My husband couldn’t wait to get his age related discounts. He was quite tickled when I, being his younger wife, got age related discount cards because I was his Mrs. i, on the other hand, was not humored by it. ;).

    I am sure Anthony enjoyed his chuckle!

  3. shoreacres says:

    Just wait. Now that my hair has turned white, and I’m obviously one of those “older ladies” (which I suppose, at 72, I am), I rarely have to return my own shopping cart to its proper place in the grocery store parking lot, and more often than not have someone volunteer to throw my trash into the bin for me. The fact that I can do all those things myself with no problem is beside the point: I let them do it as a way of practicing for the day when I can’t.

    As for “Ma’am” — this is Texas, and everyone over the age of puberty is “ma’am” to a gentleman. The first time a guy in jeans and boots tipped his cowboy hat to me and said, “Mornin’, ma’am”, I became all in favor.

  4. Vicki says:

    Once upon a time I used to look 7-8 younger than my years, but now, constant pain and sleepless nights have added too many frown lines and terrible wrinkles under my eyes. but to be honest, despite the grey hair and being closer to 65 (than 60), I still can’t help but admire a good-looking young man or any man with a twinkle in their eye.

    I rather like being offered a seat on the bus or tram too.

    I always ask for a discount (being a health care card holder) – you just never know who will give you one. They can only say no.

    It doesn’t matter if you’re 60 or 80, if you have good health, you can do anything.

    But as Ksbeth says……the best part about being in our sixties, I don’t care what others think so much and being single with no commitments, I do what I like whenever I like. I get dressed when I feel like it (or not at all), eat when I feel like it (whatever the hour) and LOVE the prospect of changing my mind at the last minute, whatever the situation (and weather).

    I rarely get dressed before midday and before readers think I’m lazy, even loose clothes are murder on my lower back pain, so I love the freedom of wearing PJs or night attire at all hours.

    Keep up the good work on your healthy regime – does wonders for the Mind and Spirit (as well as the Body).

  5. susanpoozan says:

    That was a dirty trick to play on you!

  6. Ann Koplow says:

    It’s a different kind of beauty when you’re in your 60’s. I am thoroughly enjoying it.

  7. judyrutrider says:

    “gobsmacked”, such a perfect expression! I was reminded of the time I volunteered at the local senior center while I was between opportunities. Feeling quite altruistic about my contribution to the well-being of the “old” folks, I was quite deflated to learn that I too was considered to be a senior at 50. BTW, since you are now eating your vitamins in your new and improved diet, you are probably just buying expensive urine…albeit at 5% off.

  8. Judy says:

    Julie, I’m so glad you are feeling better about life again. So happy for you! I understand about the impending birthday. I’m 59 tomorrow and glad I have one more year to go until 60. Whew! I am dreading it, so you’ll need to give me advice. 🙂

  9. KDKH says:

    It is a bit of a kick in the ass, isn’t it?

  10. Are you hearing the words “dear’ and “honey” a lot now? I find that so condescending.

  11. tootlepedal says:

    What a blow! Still, 5% is 5% and not be sniffed at. It must be lovely to be as young as sixty. I can’t remember it.

  12. tersiaburger says:

    My 60th birthday gift to my friends are a pensioner discount day Store List😂. I love my 60’s!

  13. Lynda says:

    Julie, you did make me chuckle! Around these parts you have to ask for the discounts at the register because none of the clerks dare to ask. I don’t mind asking. I love that I can save money because of my age.

    That said, I remember the first time I realized I could take advantage of the savings perks of a discount at a fabric store. I asked the lady behind the counter if she needed to see my ID,and she nonchalantly said, “Nooo… that won’t be necessary.” 😯

  14. At the tender age of 55 I have no idea how I would feel if I was mistaken for a senior citizen but a I would take the discount if offered, there are few good things about getting older, a discount is one of the few

  15. Anonymous says:

    I was absolutely sure I would be challenged about trying to use my mother’s seniors card the first time I used mine, but it didn’t occur to the shop assistant, to my chagrin!

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